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Every woman wants to look glamorous even during those special months. Fashion today has come of age and with the changing times the trends for maternity fashion too have been changing. To flaunt in style and keep it sexy for the moms-to-be, we talk to few designers to know what can suit best during those precious nine months.
Looking sexy, smart and glamorous during pregnancy is a must for today’s fashion divas. Gone are the days when maternity clothes were only available in loose, baggy forms. With the changing times, fashion too has changed and the new maternity fashion that are available today are just incredibly gorgeous.

Sharing details on the fashion for moms-to-be, Deepa, founder, Yashram Lifestyles, “A woman does not need to change her dressing style just because she is pregnant. Morph Maternity gives her a complete range of jeans, trousers, formal tops, casual wear, kameez, kurtas, evening wear, dresses and even sleep wear so she does not need to be style deprived during pregnancy. Though adding a few dresses and dungrees to the maternity wardrobe does add a little oomph factor.

Fashion designer Gogee Vasant, who has worked on an entire collection for pregnancy, feels, “Pregnant woman should opt for flowy high waisted gowns in chiffon and gorgette as they look elegant and take the emphasis off the belly.
Gogee has designed gowns in pastel colours, pants and jumpers in soft fabrics and printed tunics with leggings for the expected moms. Pregnancy is the time when the comfort level is taken care of at all steps.

Says designer duo Parvesh and Jai,Comfort is the primary factor for expecting mothers. The uppers has to be comfortable, breathing and loose and lowers need to be ultra soft specially the elastics should be soft.”

Comfort is of utmost importance to keep in mind while designing pregnancy wear. It is best to use soft fabrics that stretch as they are most comfortable,” adds Gogee. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in women’s life emotionally, physically and mentally. All these changes can make her unattractive but there is one thing that can make it all better and that’s her maternity clothes.

To keep their spirits high and lively all the time Parvesh and Jai share, “Floral colours, deep solid colours can make expecting mom happy and cheerful.” However, Gogee is of opinion that pregnant women should not opt for solid colours like navy blue and deep purples as they heavily emphasis the body, they should in stead go for gowns in pastels and light colours like pink’s, corals and peach for a softer look.”

Spending money on maternity clothes at times feels like a waste, doesn’t it? “Morph is designed to fit during and post pregnancy, so the investment does not go waste. In fact buying larger garments is a waste as they are ill-fitting during and post pregnancy. Morph is also designed with discreet nursing features so that the investment is well worth it,” says Deepa.

Some of the must-haves that expected moms can flaunt during those precious nine months are Short dresses and flowy high waisted gowns which are comfortable and chic. They can wear either of these two trends if they do not want to highlight their baby bump.

Lot of fun prints are very much in like laughing flower cartoons, etc. loose and straight tunics are the basic silhouettes. Not only this, pregnant women can also change their western looks from time to time during those nine months to look great and elegant at every trimester of pregnancy.

First trimester (1-3 months, when abdomen is small): they can go for trousers with comfortable elastics only, with short tops which are cool and airy.

Second trimester (4-6 months): they can opt for frocks, tunics, skirts, with nice happy prints.

Third trimester (7-9 months): organic cotton knit tunics and silk jerseys are the best.

With an array of options to choose from now moms-to-be can flaunt in the style and design they want to with a touch of oomph. A baby bump needs to be carried with confidence and that adds the sexiness to the attire. There is no need to hide the bump. A fitted tee will get a thumbs up when worn with classic blue denims.

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