Cuffe Parade: Sexy, Edgy Style By Rehna Pendse


By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

If you’re looking for sexy, edgy and fresh designs check out up-and-coming women’s wear label by Rehna Pendse, CUFFE PARADE. This New York based fashion designer takes you on a journey to a world of freedom – a world where women dare to be strong and unique.

Pendse’s journey in fashion started by completing a Bachelor’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After working for several years for various fashion houses, including Calvin Klein and Diego Binetti, she launched her own label, REHNA PENDSE NYC. She is now launching her Spring 2012 line under the label CUFFE PARADE. While it won’t be available until then, we’ve got your sneak peak right here at

Inspired by Rehna’s love of the Japanese art of origami and architecture, this line features intricate, hand-embroidered silhouettes, blends bright colors and experiments with leather appliqué. CUFFE PARADE features dresses, tops, and bottoms.

“There’s a skirt, a dress and a shirt that has these constructional lines that pay homage to origami,” said Pendse.  “There’s a lot of stiffness but  many of my garments have soft draping techniques as well, aiming for that woman who wants to be strong and powerful. The line was designed with the sophisticated woman interested in high fashion of New York and Paris in mind.  So the clothes have the personality of an edgy sophisticated woman but they’re not too revealing, while still having an edge to them.”

Pendse’s inspiration comes from her own hometown of Mumbai. She was raised in the neighbourhood of Cuffe Parade, which is where the name of her collection comes from.

“Cuffe Parade is Mumbai’s Soho. It’s a fun place, it’s a little community and it has a very diverse, affluent group of people.”

Pendse says her passion for fashion has always been a part of her life.


“I always had a yearning to be in the fashion industry,” said Pendse. “It started with wanting to design dolls’ clothes.  I’ve always wanted to be a designer; it was never an option for me.  It was a calling for me. My mother was very fashionable and so was my grandmother so they played a strong role in my fashion and aesthetics.  It shows through in my collection.”

Pendse says her collection makes use of high quality fabrics and intricate and modern designs, creating illustrious, high-end clothing. The rich, luxurious fabrics used, embody a chic and glamorous appeal. All designs are characterized by an exquisite attention to detail and precise craftsmanship.

She adds there is more to the brand than just clothes.  The collection is made of highly sustainable fabrics contributing an increasingly eco-friendly society. The brand also aspires to promote the Garment industry of NYC, as a large portion of the collection is produced in NYC itself. CUFFE PARADE makes it its responsibility to ensure the clothing is produced with the utmost integrity and ethics.

“I’m very much about female empowerment,” said Pendse. “I only work with female-run factories that hire more than a 50% female workforce and maybe it costs more when it goes through the store but I feel like I’m doing something for a greater good.”

Pendse’s collections can be seen and purchased online at:

Some select stores in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York also sell the line. Prices of most items range from $150 to $500 USD.

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