Hire a Sari

Hire a Sari

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

Have  a big wedding this summer and can’t find anything in your closet?  Don’t have the time or money to buy that head-turning outfit?  Well, now you don’t need  either because you can look the part of a chic masalamomma at a fraction of the cost—all with the click of a mouse.    Saricloset.com, based in Los Angeles, California, is an online walk-in closet filled with hand-picked Indian saris bought directly from Indian designers which can be rented by anyone.

We all know that with Indian weddings you need at least three or four saris for each wedding between sangeets and mehndis and most of the time you scramble to find an outfit you haven’t worn before. Saricloset.com takes away the hassle and stress of finding that perfect outfit for any special occasion by offering a collection of Indian saris in a wide variety of styles, colours, fabrics, patterns and embroidery work. The best part? They’ll ship it to your door and dry-clean it, all for $79 USD per sari rental. With the entire collection available online, the site allows you to search from hundreds of saris that have been cared for and maintained by the sari experts on the team, known as “saristas.” And these saristas have thought of it all. Once you choose a sari you like, you can choose from matching accessories such as a blouse, earrings, necklace and bindis. Each sari can be rented for a week.

“If you’re looking for a  sari, we can be a home for you, or if you’re looking for a whole collection we’re for you as well,” said Sreesha Vaman, co-founder of Saricloset.com. Click here for a clip of the interview.

“You would send the garment back in the return envelope we provide, so you’re not responsible dry-cleaning or paying for packaging,” said Bryan Leong, co-founder, Saricloset.com

Saricloset.com is the brainchild of a five twenty-something year-old students from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management who wanted to showcase their South Asian culture through fashion. What started out as an idea for a class project developed into the launch of Saricloset.com.  Nisha Patel is the CEO and Patrick Gengoux is also a co-founder.

“Our generation doesn’t really wear or collect saris the way our parents’ generation did where having a collection of saris actually meant something,” said Vaman. “So you still need that very trendy modern glamourous look but we have a very limited supply and with the explosion of social media and photo sharing, it’s very difficult to wear the same one twice because you’ve seen the same sari at various social functions. We’ve heard this for years from the women in our lives.”

Saricloset currently ships to most of the United States but are hoping to expand in the future.

For more information: www.saricloset.com




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    • Anjum

      Thanks so much for your great feedback! masalamommas everywhere now have an alternative to accessing great saris at the click of a button, a great story. continued success to you and your team.

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