Two Healthy Suhoor Recipes


Welcome Ramadan: Two Healthy Suhoor Recipes to Prep for the Week

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Ramadan Mubarak to all families celebrating! While Ramadan is an exciting time for spiritual upliftment and connecting with family, it can be difficult juggling multiple responsibilities while fasting. Limited hours of eating and drinking can mean that you feel low in energy and unable to go on your regular day in an optimal way.

Suhoor food

One way to ensure you have the most energized Ramadan yet is to include nutrient-packed foods at suhoor and iftar.

For many moms, the suhoor meal is one that can be overlooked easily, considering that it is eaten around 3 AM. The key to a nutritious suhoor is planning ahead of time so that you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen while you are half asleep. Before you think about what you should be making, successful meal planning starts at the grocery store. I was so happy to see that No Frills stocked a wide variety of Desi ingredients, which meant I didn’t have to go to multiple grocery stores just to do my Ramadan shopping.

Suhoor shopping

Cooking a traditional dish doesn’t need to come at a high price; No Frills locations cater to all of your Ramadan needs at low prices. It’s easy to pick up all your Suhoor and Iftar needs with your budget in mind while doing your weekly grocery run. From sweet dates for Iftar to Halal Zabeeha by hand meats and fresh vegetables, No Frills stores carry authentic brands like Suraj, Arz, Sufra and many more to help you celebrate Ramadan with family and friends.

I like to prepare a sweet and savoury dish for suhoor for the week so that my family and I can change it up depending on what we prefer that morning.

For the savoury dish, I made a Masala Baked Omelette with Naan Crust.

This recipe is packed with protein from the eggs as well as a variety of nutrients from the colourful veggies, great for the whole family. If you have leftover naan that you heated from your previous iftaar that became slightly hard, this is the perfect use for it!

By cutting the naan into pieces and placing it on the bottom of the pan, it soaks up some of the egg mixture and creates a soft crust that holds its shape. The highlight of this dish is the Desi flavour from the aromatic Suraj spices, especially Suraj curry powder.

This recipe makes two 9-inch omelettes, so you can have one now and save the other one for later on in the week. In the spirit of giving during Ramadan, I actually wrapped up my second one and shared it with my neighbour!

Masala Baked Omelette with Naan Crust

Makes: 2-9 inch omelettessuhoor baked omelette
12 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup spinach, chopped
1 cup broccoli, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped
½ cup green onion, chopped
¼ cup cilantro, chopped
1 tsp salt
1.5 tsp Suraj curry powder
1.5 tsp Suraj red chili powder
1.5 tsp Suraj black pepper
1.5 tsp Suraj crushed chili flakes
4 whole grain naans


  • Preheat oven to 350F. Take 2 pieces of parchment paper that are big enough to cover two-9 inch round pans.
  • Scrunch each piece of parchment paper with your hands under water to soften it. Then place on two-9 inch round pans, ensuring bottom and sides of the pan are covered with extra parchment hanging over the sides. 
  • Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and pan-fry the whole grain naan until lightly browned and crispy.
  • Remove from heat and let completely cool without covering so it can harden. you have leftover naan that has been previously heated and is slightly hard, you can use that too. Set aside.
  • In a large bowl, mix together eggs, milk, chopped veggies, and spices.
  • Using a pair of scissors, cut the hardened naan into 1-inch size square pieces. Place the naan pieces in an even layer on the bottom of the pan. Each pan should have the equivalent of two naans.
  • Using a measuring cup, pour the egg mixture over the naan pieces, alternating between pans to ensure equal amounts are placed in each pan.
  • Place in oven for 30 minutes. Remove from heat at let cool for 10 minutes before cutting.
  • Serve with a side of fruit for a complete suhoor.

Storage tip: if you are not eating immediately, lift the parchment paper, fold over the baked omelette and wrap in plastic cling wrap before storing in the refrigerator. Heat before serving.

I’m more of a sweet breakfast person, so I love sweeter Suhoor ideas that are healthy and will keep me feeling energized while I’m fasting.

suhoor mango chia pudding

This Mango Chia Seed Pudding Parfait with Coconut Granola provides a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and whole grain carbohydrates. The bonus is that you can enjoy the Coconut Granola as a post-iftar snack with some plain Greek yogurt.

Make the coconut granola at least a day in advance to cut down on kitchen time all at once. While most granola recipes will tell you to stir the granola while it is baking so it doesn’t burn, this one is a bit different. By not stirring at all and letting the granola cool completely before breaking with your hands, you will get a chunkier granola.

The Suraj frozen mango is a great option for suhoor so that you don’t have to spend time peeling and cutting fruit. I let the mango thaw slightly before blending. The chia seed pudding and the granola can be made several days in advance, just be sure you add the granola only right before serving so that the granola stays crunchy.

Mango Chia Seed Pudding Parfait with Coconut Granola suhoor granola

Coconut Granola
2 cups large flake oats
1 cup instant oats
1 cup sunflower seeds, raw (unsalted and unroasted)
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1 cup pecans, roughly chopped
½ cup Suraj coconut oil
½ cup Rooster honey
1 Tbsp Grace coconut sugar


  • Preheat oven to 325oF. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
    In a large bowl, mix together large flake oats, instant oats, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, and pecans.
  • In a medium saucepan, heat coconut oil, honey, and coconut sugar over low heat, mixing continuously. At first, the sugar will be separated but after a few minutes the mixture will bubble and sugar will be dissolved.
  • Remove mixture from heat and pour over the bowl of dry ingredients.
  • Using a large spoon, mix the granola mixture well until evenly coated with liquid mixture.
  • Spread onto baking sheet in an even layer.
  • Place in oven on the highest rack and bake for 15 minutes. Turn pan around and bake for another 12 minutes. Be careful not to overbake as it can burn very quickly.
  • Remove from oven and let cool completely. Do not mix with the spoon while still warm.
  • Once completely cooled, the granola will harden together. Using your hands, break and crumble the granola. Store in an airtight container until ready to eat.Mango Chia Seed Pudding 
    Serving size: 1 serving (make 1 jar per person)
    1 cup milk
    ¼ cup chia seeds
    1 tsp maple syrup
    1 tsp vanilla
    ½ cup Suraj frozen mango

  • In a mason jar, add milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, and vanilla. Mix well and cover. Keep in fridge overnight.
  • Let frozen mango defrost and add to blender until pureed.
  • When ready to serve, remove chia seed pudding from the refrigerator, and add ¼ cup of the mixture to the pudding. Mix before serving. 
  • To assemble Mango Chia Seed Pudding Parfait with Coconut Granola, add ¼ cup of granola to a jar of chia seed pudding right before serving.I hope you give these recipes a try to simply suhoor prepping for this Ramadan! Be sure to tag us in your pictures on Instagram and Twitter when you make them @NutritionbyNaz and @Masalamommas.
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    I can’t wait to try these recipes out. I stopped in at my local No Frills and was very impressed by the selection and pricing.

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