Top 5 Indian Children’s Movies to Watch This Summer

By Reena Puri, DesiBabies 
Movies for little ones!

Whether it’s a lazy summer afternoon or a car ride to see grandparents, movies are a great way for our kids to stay entertained (and quiet!).  So why not expose them to our rich culture as they’re captivated by colourful images and engaging, virtuous stories? proudly brings you a curated list of digitally animated and live-action films.  These fun flicks will entertain little ones and also make them familiar with Indian cultural, Hindi vocabulary and Hindu mythology.

Bal Ganesh (Animated, 2007)

Bal Ganesh tells the origin story of the popular, elephant-headed deity as well as other tales associated with his childhood.  Whether searching for delicious laddoos or bringing the Kaveri river to South India, anecdotes of the adorably animated Ganesh and his trusted mouse friend are simply delightful.  A highlight is the gleeful song and dance sequence little Ganesh performs with jubilant mice!

Chillar Party (Live Action, 2011)

Filled with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, this story of spirited kids in a Mumbai colony is brought to you by the same guys who directed Hindi blockbusters Queen and Dangal.  Don’t be fooled by their naughty nature as it’s these tiny tikes who end up teaching their parents the true meaning of friendship.  When the neighborhood dog is threatened to be taken away by a local politician, the kids step into action through protest and a public relations campaign only children could devise.  The end result is a National Award winning movie about courage, compassion and commitment.

Delhi Safari (Animated, 2012)


Delhi Safari is what you get when you bring together an adorable leopard cub, a know-it-all bear, a wise cracking monkey and a melodramatic parrot!  Under threat of losing their jungle home to construction of high-rises, the bold beasts embark upon a journey to the Indian capital, hoping lawmakers will pay heed to their plight.  With voices from popular Hindi film actors Govinda, Urmila, and Akshaye Khanna this tale underscores the importance of environmental conservation and supporting causes one believes in.  If that isn’t enough, did we mention the parrot loves jamming to Bollywood dance numbers?!

Little Krishna : The Darling of Vrindavan (Animated, 2012)

Just when you thought there couldn’t be animation cuter than Bal Ganesh, here comes Little Krishna!  The enchanting opening scene showing Krishna playing his flute as the sun rises, pulls the viewer right into the blue-hued diety’s childhood.  Popular mythology related to India’s most famous cowherd comes to life, from stealing butter as a toddler to lifting a mountain as a child.  Although Little Krishna is part of a series made for television, the animation quality is certainly feature film worthy.  The series is also available in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.
Roadside Romeo (Animated, 2008)

Hindi with English subtitles:

Imagine Disney’s Lady and the Tramp but with more swagger and set in the streets of India.  Romeo, a pooch belonging to the 1% is abandoned by his owners and left to fend for himself in Mumbai’s ruthless, concrete jungle.  He learns to tough it out, but his heart soon softens for the foxy canine, Laila.  Hindi film A-listers Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan lend their voices tthis witty production, which uses plenty of Hindi film references as winks to the parents, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

As moms, our hectic schedules allow for little time to immerse our kids in desi language and traditions.  But little things like watching these films can make a difference in how little ones perceive our culture.  Whether it’s with books at, or with movies from the motherland, exposing our children to our heritage at an early age is not only incredibly important, but invaluable.

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