Roasted Corn and Mushroom Cheese Puffs


Roasted Corn & Mushroom Cheese Puffs + 5 simple holiday appetizers

And just like that the Holidays are here! This year seemed to have completely flown by. I never noticed how time seems to escape us until becoming a Mom. Motherhood makes you hold on to each and every memory and holiday while still celebrating the day to day. Speaking of celebrating now is the season for parties, get-togethers and dinners. As we prep for the busy weeks ahead, I wanted to share a few recipes that you could add to your lists; some new, some traditional and some easy make a heads before all the madness starts!

By nature I’m a planner, always have been. As much as I’d like to be a ‘wing it’ kind of person, I most definitely am not, especially when it comes to entertaining and hosting. Before hosting an event I like to plan out my menu by figuring out a timeline: what things I’ll make, what things will be catered and what things can be made ahead of time. Make-ahead snacks are a lifesaver in my opinion, homemade treats that you make on your own time and are ready for you when needed.

Mushroom and corn cheese puff


Enter puff pastry. Puff pastry is one of the easiest ingredients when it comes to preparing make-ahead snacks. I’ve used it for sweet and savory pairings and the best part about it is how none of the flavor is compromised when frozen for later use. Sharing a simple yet flavorful pastry I recently made with easily accessible ingredients.


Roasted Corn and Mushroom Cheese Puffs are just as simple and delicious as they sound. Roasted corn, sautéed mushrooms, airy ricotta is tucked into puff pastry sheets resulting in crunchy snacks filled with flavor.

To contrast the sweetness of the corn and ricotta I add in a healthy pinch of red pepper flakes, combine that with the nuttiness of the sautéed mushrooms and it’s a taste of the holidays. If you have young ones or don’t fancy too much spice in general, use freshly ground black pepper instead.


[gmc_recipe 23787]


Here are 5 other easy appetizers to help you entertain this Holiday season:

Spicy Gobi Tikki | perfect for the vegetarians in your life!


Recipe: Spicy Gobi Tikki



Keema Spring Rolls | a creative fusion approach


Recipe: Keema Spring Rolls



Vada Pav | a great addition when you’re having a late lunch/dinner


Recipe: Vada Pav, a Favourite Street Food



Skillet Naan Rolls with Saag Artichoke Dip | a crowd pleaser with a twist


Skillet Naan Balls with Saag-Artichoke Dip



Chole chaat in phyllo pastry cups | bite size chaat means all the flavors with no mess

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