From Dad: 6 Things I Want My Daughter To Know

Father and Daughter Playing Together at the Beach at Sunset. Hap

By Bob Minhas

Bob Minhas, contributor

Bob Minhas, contributor

I have the greatest privilege shared my many in this world, but recognized as a privilege by only a few. I have a Daughter. And when my  Masalamommas asked me what would I want my Daughter to know this Father’s Day? I knew the hardest part would be to keep it under 500 pages!

Here are my top 6 things I want my daughter to know:



  1. My daughter. I want you to know that the world is as boundless for you with child-like innocence. No one has yet jaded you as we have jaded ourselves. So all of this world is fresh and new to you. And know that this innocence allows the beauty of Art, Culture and Community to be received openly so that you can try things. And go places. Draw. Travel. Experience.
  2. Know that I want you to feel passion and love without strings, and always be grateful for it. From not just your family, but from others who will shape who you’ll become. And know that although passion and love can drive you to do the great things you’re meant to, it will also challenge you to crumble. You will cry. You will be scared. And when you do, know that I know you got this.Father and Daughter playing at the beach
  3. As crazy as this is, know you’re likely going to find someone just like me. Know that it humbles me to be your Father, and drives me to do better and serve as that example for you. Know that when we’re together, I will always challenge you to do better. I will push you to work harder. I will invite you to question the norm. Because any person you love should always serve as a mirror to who you can and will be.
  4. Know I will always give you love and safety unconditionally. Know that I expect there will be some years you to challenge me, to push back and to scream at me at times when life is unfair. You will tell me you hate me. You will ignore me for days. Know that through all of this, I accept you and I will always support you. Because I know it’s not who you really are.
  5. Know that on your journey to greatness, you will be challenged to change who you, and not for the better. Those who do will be disguised as people who claim to care about you. And they do so, not because you’re not good enough, but rather because you’re so much better than. Know that you always deserve a tribe that will build you as much as you build them. And that a tribe so beautiful is only beautiful because it may take years to cultivate.
  6. Know that you will never be replaced. As you age, and start down your own path, wherever I am, or whatever I do, you will always be my Daughter. Know that I would always fight for you when you need me, or sit beside you when you’re scared. Know that no matter how far away from you I seem, I am always with you as strongly as you are with me.Hands of mother and daughter holding each other on field

So … that’s about it. Excuse me while I sit in this corner and cry for a little. I’m sure it’s just allergies. And although I could continue to write about everything I want my Daughter to know, I think I’d like to spend the rest of my time showing her.


More about Bob:

Bob Minhas is the former president and owner of AlphaStarr Technical Solutions Inc.  Having worked on HGTV shows such as “Income Properties”, “Designer Guys” and “DIY Disaster” as well as being the “go to guy” for the private homes of celebrities such as Trish Stratus and Jully Black, Bob’s vision with the “Technical Concierge” is to be the “do it yourself” specialist when it comes to technical issues. Bob uses his wide network of contacts and years of experience to find solutions for tough technological questions.  A graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Management/Criminology and Telecommunications Management from Humber College.

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