Keepsakes to Commemorate Vaisakhi History in Canada

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As the month of Vaisakhi gets underway, it’s a time to be thankful for family and for many Sikhs, a time to reflect on their history here in Canada. Keepsakes often become one way of sharing history with our family through generations. April, Sikh Heritage Month, is an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about Sikh Canadian and this month, CIBC is joining Sikh Canadians in celebrating Vaisakhi with a specially-made silver coin. Many of us have received silver coins as gifts especially during birthdays, weddings, and special cultural milestones, like that first Diwali or first birthday, which are often passed down through families.

TORONTO CANADA - APRIL 29: Sikhs gathered for Khalsa day parade. Each year in Toronto sikhs gather at the Exhibition Place and then in a huge parade walk to Toronto City Hall to celebrate Khalsa day. April 29 2012 - Toronto Ontario Canada.

The special CIBC 1 oz. silver Vaisakhi coin, illustrating the symbols of Ik Onkar and Khanda, is certified to be 99.99 percent fine silver and was minted exclusively for CIBC. Retailing for $59.95, this limited edition coin can be ordered onlie or in any CIBC Banking Center.vaisakhi coin

The coin launched this month, marks a special moment during Sikh Heritage month.  Sikh Heritage month has become a very important month for the Sikh community and for many families living in Canada.  For parents, these coins can also be a great keepsake to share with kids to give to generations after as a way to start the conversation about their Sikh history, identity and family roots in Canada.

This year, CIBC is also supporting the Vaisakhi Day parades, including the highly attended parades in Surrey, B.C. on April 23 and in the Greater Toronto Area on May 1, as well as in Calgary and Montreal later in May.

Sikh Heritage Month has opened many doors in celebrating the rich tradition of the Sikh community. People started to host events at their workplaces, held gatherings at their homes, and used April as a month to start educating and informing people about the Sikh Spirituality.  While many of you moms may have celebrated Vaisakhi at home recently, you can also visit one of the Vaisakhi day parades in Surrey, Toronto or Calgary as another way to get family together and celebrate our very rich history here in Canada.

We’ll be live-tweeting from the Toronto parade on May 1, so stay tuned to our twitter feed! The parade begins at Sri Guru Singh Sabha at 7280 Airport Rd, don’t forget to visit the CIBC cart while you’re there.

What are your favourite keepsakes? Do you have one you have passed down through family? Share your comments with us below!

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