How to Pick the Right Indian Suit for Your Body Type

Hourglass Shaped Figure


By Bhakti Goswami

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Are you hooked on to those Indian salwar kameez your favorite actress was wearing last night but unable to figure out how could you best dress for your body type? If the answer is yes, then we are here with the solution!.  While an Indian salwar kameez  can make you look slim, choosing that perfect fabric and cut for your body type can be a tough task, and a bad design can lead to a fashion disaster.

How to Pick the Right Indian Salwar Kameez Suit for your Body Type

Petite Figure

If you’re smaller-framed,  it is essential to have a thick fabric added to minimal design on top. Also, try to have leggings to be more volume-based rather than skinny. Go for stylish trending Anarkali suits or Patiala salwar suit so that you look more beautiful and yet contemporary. If you`re tall as well, keep the kameez short, this gives a classy look.

Slim and Petite Figure



Hourglass Shaped Figure

If you have an hourglass body type, it must be noted that lighter fabrics like georgette, silk or crepe will give your body a great look. For this look, make sure to choose softer and silky fabrics that get you comfortable and feel lighter on you. If you’re short, wear longer kameez/kurta, at least, an inch below your knees.

Hourglass Shaped Figure


Apple Shaped Body

If you think you’re Apple-shaped, avoid a sleeveless salwar kameez. Also, avoid open backs and intricate neck designs. Another style to avoid is heavy embroidery and too many layers and frills on outfits. What can be used is a 3/4th sleeve with fabrics like cotton.  You can wear Palazzo suits or Patiala salwar which has a  heavier bottom rather than the Afghani style salwar kameez in which cuffs are smaller because it will make you look even more fuller and make you a balloon.

Healthy or Apple Shaped Body


Rectangular Shaped Figure

If you have a rectangular shaped body, go for bigger prints with a churidar and a longer kameez below your knees. The neckline is the most primary element in any Indian salwar suit, so, let’s talk about this essential element here in detail.

Rectangular Shaped Figure



Triangular Body Shape

This shape is common amongst taller women, with their shoulders broader than the hips and a relatively flat chest. It is an incredibly desirable form. The majority of supermodels are this state, meaning any catwalk or grand fashion events are entertained to this body type.  Straight cut apparels can provide a very excellent appearance, and extravagant ball gown styles can look even more spectacular. A higher cut neckline balances shoulders and sides, enriching a smaller chest. Details around the hips can add shapeliness, but do ignore overly complicated sleeves, and broad or low cut necklines can expand the shoulders too much.

Triangular Body Shape



Jeweled Neck Pattern

For women who have a petite shoulder-line and a long neck, having an embezzled jeweled design pattern on the neck covering the entire shoulder to bust is key.  A rounded neck and scooped pattern also looks elegant on a small frame size.

Triangular Body Shape (2)

These are just some of easy guidelines that can make it easier when you’re choosing an Indian suit/Salwar, but they certainly aren’t gospel.  By adopting the above fundamental rules of thumb, you may find it easier in finding the perfect Indian salwar suit for your body shape. Good luck and have fun experimenting!


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