What to Wear for Your Office Holiday Party


The holidays are a great time to take pause from our daily routines and really enjoy ourselves and celebrate with the people who are important to us. If we all had the ability to just buy a new outfit for every single party we were invited to, it would probably be really easy to navigate our Holiday Party calendar too. But in reality most of us end up scouring through our closets looking to put together an outfit from what we already own, and on top of that for an office Holiday party, there is the added stress of figuring out what is appropriate for your particular office style.


Today, I’ve got you covered on both fronts. I’ll show you how to create three completely different looks using one top, and I’ll make each style fit a different office environment, from the super casual ‘anything goes’, to the sophisticated and conservative, and also a fun and playful formal party look.

Wishing you all Happy, stress-free and fashion-filled Holidays!

Top: Zara 

Anything Goes

For creatives, Fashion Industry folk, entrepreneurs, and start-up employees among other professions, there are often no ‘rules’ when it comes to party dressing. Wear a cocktail dress or a sweatshirt and no one will even blink an eye. The trick here is to dress up without being too formal, so that you do look like you put in effort, but not like you tried too hard. I’ve paired my top with some distressed black denim, barely there sandals, and a cute clutch.



Sophisticated Conservative

Most professional offices require formal dress for Holiday festivities, and you are also probably wise to show less skin in this environment.

Didn’t think you could wear a halter top for your conservative office party? Try layering over a fitted turtleneck, and pairing with an on-trend trouser pant paired with a platform pump to give you added height (and mile long legs…).





Style tip: When wearing a turtleneck, throw your hair into a high ponytail instead of down to make it stand out and also gives your face a little extra lift.

Playful Party

Sometimes traditional holiday party looks can give a bit of a stuffy or boring vibe. If you are looking for a formal look that is equally fun and fashion forward, try layering textures. In this look, I’ve tucked my sparkle halter top into a feathered skirt, and added textured semi-opaque tights and  finished off with glitter heels and a cute embossed python print clutch.


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