Car Talk: How to Stay Safe in the Driver’s Seat

As many of us masalamommas get ready for back to school drop offs and commuting, we usually know how to keep our kids safe with carseats, seatbelts and everything in between, but what about the driver’s seat? As moms we often do a lot of the driving of our vehicles and use them more but we don’t necessarily check our own positioning and seat the way we need to. So we’ve enlisted the help of another mom who is also a licensed auto technician to help us get the facts on doing just that!

This month we ask our Auto Service Technician and expert Emily Chung at Autonicheinc:

What are the most safety checks we need to do on the driver’s seat before heading out on the road?

Emily shares tips in our first ‘Car Talk’ video on:

  • How we should position our seat to ensure the best safety while driving
  • Distance from steering wheel airbag to our chest while driving
  • Head rest positioning

**This video was done in a 2015 Chevrolet Canada Malibu.

Be sure to follow more of our Car Talk videos here and more great safety tips via Chevrolet Canada in our CarTalk Section.

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