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We are excited to share that we’ll be bringing you a richer food section in coming months with expert masalamommas  that will help shape our food and recipes section with much more to offer our readers. We’re on a mission to find the most exciting food stories, new experiences, emerging trends, cooking tips and interviews with foodies and chefs whose passion jumps off the page.

A big welcome to Michelle Peters-Jones, our new Executive Food Editor and Nisha Vedi Pawar, our new Associate Food Editor for! With Michelle’s large following and presence in Canada, she will help Canadian stories and lead our Canadian local readership while Nisha’s presence in the US will make her a perfect leader to manage all of our food related editorial in the US. Here’s why they are masters at what they do!


Michelle Peters-Jones

Michelle Peters-Jones, Executive Food Editor,

Michelle Peters-Jones, Executive Food Editor,

Michelle is a food writer, recipe developer and photographer, and writes for The Tiffin Box. She loves developing original recipes influenced by her family and her East Indian, British and Canadian heritage, all with a strong focus on using fresh, local and sustainable ingredients. She trained for almost and year and half with a French trained le Cordon Bleu chef  was also on Masterchef UK twice.  Michelle is the managing editor for the Canadian Journal of Sociology and writes a monthly column and resources for Food Bloggers of Canada. She is  also their ambassador for Alberta.

Most recently, Michelle was nominated for the very prestigious Taste of Canada Food Writing award for bloggers for her blog, The Tiffin Box.


Nisha Vedi Pawar

Nisha Vedi Pawar, Associate Food Editor,

Nisha Vedi Pawar, Associate Food Editor,

Growing up in a home where her parents were always experimenting with food, farming and flavors, Nisha reaped the benefits of fresh, traditional dishes while growing up. Mealtime was a family affair where their love of food often led to the next meal being planned out. After getting married she found herself trying to recreate that ghar ka khaana ‘home cooked taste’ in her dishes.

As she started experimenting in the kitchen she entered the blogging world. In her aptly titled blog; ‘Love Laugh Mirch’ she shares family recipes and childhood memories. What began as a place to document her new marriage, her cooking journey and the construction of her new home has now expanded to share motherhood moments and tales about her colorful culture.

British by birth and living in New Jersey/New York, Nisha is a self taught food photographer and her favorite dishes are those passed down through generations. Her recipes have been featured in several magazines around the globe including, ScoopWhoop and ParentsCircle.  She has also interviewed world renowned chefs such as Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor and Maneet Chauhan. Nisha’s primary influences have always been the food her parents prepared for her growing up and the culture they enriched her with.
Nisha’s no stranger to masalamommas as its previous food editor who has been part of our community for three years. On Masalamommas Nisha shares recipes, time saving tips, child friendly recipes, kitchen stories and more.

A big welcome to our food team! Send them your stories ideas to

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