Teaching Hindi: Opposites


 Here There, Up Down, Left Right! That’s right! Today we are going to talk about opposites!

Kids are born curious. They are ready to learn about everything in their world. Kids learn best when they are fully involved and using their 5 senses to explore the things around them. This is a great time to introduce to them to the concept that things can be alike and different. While exploring these concepts kids will begin to learn skills in math and problem solving.

Let’s look at some of the easy words and concepts that can be introduced:


Big Bada बड़ा
little Chotta छोटा
hot Garam गरम
cold Dhanda ठंडा
up Upar ऊपर
down Neeche नीचे
light Halka हल्का
heavy Bhari भारी

Explore It!
Here is a list of some easy activities you can do with your kids to help them explore the concept of opposites!

1. Clothes and Shoes
Bring out your shoes and your kids shoes. Keep them next to each other and compare. What do you see? How are they different? One is big and one is small! Whose is bigger? Why? Stand next to each other and compare your heights. Is one taller? Who is that? You can repeat the same experiment with T-shirts and jeans. Bada and Chotta!

opposites2. Drinks
Bring out 2 glasses with 2 different drinks. Maybe a warm glass of milk in one glass and another glass filled with water and some ice cubes. Let’s drink! How does it feel? Garam and Thanda!

3. Art time
Bring out some paper and crayons. Let’s draw. Draw some big squares and small squares, and some small circles and big circles. Now let’s make it a little more interesting. Can you draw a circle on top of another one? How about below it? Now draw arrows pointing up and some pointing down. Upar and Neeche.

4. Out and About
Don’t miss everyday activities to re-enforce the concepts, for example at the park – big kids and little kids, big swings and little swings. The seesaw goes up and down. Or around the house, we can go finding big things and little things and heavy things and light things, etc.

Read It!
You can download the free e-book from HindiGym website hereScreen Shot 2015-05-25 at 7.13.11 PM
We also recommend the following book: Kya main Chotti Hun?
Also recommend the book from Tulika Publishers called Upar neeche – if you can get your hands on it!

Practice It!
Here is a free Hindi worksheet for you to download and use here.
Hope you enjoy exploring the opposites with your kids. Until next time!

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