A Quick DIY to Organize Your Bangles

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By Lail Hossain from WithASpin.com

Do you own a gazillion sets of bangles and bracelets? One to match every outfit perhaps? How do you store them? Do you store them in the traditional way and your bangle storage solution area often ends up looking like this? A clustered mess?

Churi organization-1

Yes, you can definitely go and buy a bangle stand. What’s the fun in that? How about a creative, inexpensive idea to keep your bangles and bracelets untangled using everyday items. The cost is really nothing to make this bangle holder versus the available bangles holders in the market which can run up to $35+.

This DIY is a great storage solution that can be used to add a simple, yet elegant accent to your storage space. A beautiful way to adorn your room or closet and a brilliant idea to keep your accessories untangled.

We usually take the dry cleaning hangers back to the cleaners for recycling, but have few lying around here and there. This was a perfect way to re-purpose some of them. They perfectly hang on a rod. Even better, you can hang them on some hooks by the door to save even more space.

Material List:
1. Dry cleaners’ hangers
2. Pliers

1. Cut one side of the hanger with pliers.

Bangles organization | With A Spin
2. Using the pliers, make a loop on the bottom end.

Repurpose hanger to organize bracelets | With A Spin
3. Bend the other end a little so it can lock through the loop.

Churiya organization | With A Spin
4. Insert bangles and bracelets and lock the loop. Hang the hanger.

Organize bracelets | With A Spin

Save some cabinet space, get clutter off the floor with this simple DIY solution. Organize your bracelets and bangles in a very creative and inexpensive way.

DIY by WithASpin.com

More about the author:

LailLail Hossain is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, niece, Tech management professional and a friend. She is also the founder of With A Spin, www.withaspin.com, a lifestyle portal to inspire celebrating everyday life with food, family and creativity while introducing Bangladeshi food and its authenticity to the world culinary scene. Her work has been mention in many international and national level magazines and newspapers including Food Network. In addition to food, Lail also writes about family, parenting, breathtaking travel stories and DIY projects.

Lail’s outlook on life is elegant yet casual, chic yet simple, sophisticated yet fun. She is in the process of launching her first product line that she personally designed and will be available in the market in May, 2015. Lail is also in process of publishing a Ramadan and Eid recipe book scheduled to be published in May, 2015. You can stop by and say “hello” to her on her Website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


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