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Aaj Ka Mausam Kaisa Hai?
By: Aarti Chandnani, HindiGym

As we finish celebrating Holi, we welcome Spring (Basant)! The weather is changing, the days are getting longer and warmer and winter is finally bidding us farewell (Din lambe hote hain aur raat chotti hoti hai!). What a wonderful way to observe changes in nature with your kids and introduce them to seasons and weather in Hindi!


Let’s use our weather chart to learn different types of weather. Just click on the image of weather chart below to download and print out the chart. You can then cut the arrow and pin it in the center. The kids can change where the arrow points to daily, depending on what the weather is like! Download this activity sheet here.

Let’s look at our weather words:
1. Sunny/Hot = Garam
2. Snowy = Baraf
3. Cloudy = Badal
4. Foggy = Kohra
5. Cold = Thand
6. Storm = Tufaan
7. Rain = Baarish
8. Windy = Hawadaar


boy in the rainSING

Here is a cute Baarish song you can sing!

Baarish Aayi Cham Cham Cham
Chatta Leke Nikle Hum,
Pair Fisal Gaya gir gaye hum,
Upar chatta, neeche hum!



Here is a simple activity you can do with your child which will take less than a minute. Each day of the month, chart the weather. Was it sunny, rainy, cold or windy? Each day ask your child as many descriptive words as they can tell! To help you with this, you can download the below weather template!

Blank Monthly Calendar Picture

Below is one more downloadable worksheet for you! Just print and use!

weather chart

Hope you have fun talking, teaching and learning all about “Mausam”.

Happy Basant!

Hindi Gym will be a regular part of our culture section as we at bring more resources on teaching your kids about Hindi and South Asian cultural occasions. Stay tuned right here for more from HindiGym!

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