Ten Reasons to Travel to Brussels


By Yashy Selvadurai Murphy

Brussels, the capital of Belgium has grown from a 10th Century fortress town into a multicultural city with over 1.2 million people. For many North American families Brussels is often a layover on their journeys to the motherland due to the fact that South Asian airlines, like Jet Airways and Air India, break journey there. Instead of spending a few hours at the airport we suggest taking a couple days to explore all that Brussels and the immediate area has to offer. Below are our top ten reasons to visit Brussels!

Ten Reasons to Travel to Brussels

1. Chips : There’s fry shops at every corner and kids will love the chance to roam the streets with piping hot fries (chips as the locals call it). Each spot also has their own sauces and spices to accompany the fries.Ten Reasons to Travel to Brussels

  1. Chocolate boutiques : These can be overwhelming but once you step into one you’ll be surprised by how much there’s to learn (and sample!). The chocolatiers are happy to take you through a tasting and don’t be surprised if you walk out with bags and bags of pretty boxes wrapped in bows.
  1. Waffles : They’re called Belgian waffles for a reason and what better way to indulge in these than at the many local pop up shops scattered throughout the downtown core. 
  1. Beers : Belgians are known for their over 400 types of beers and even non beer drinkers are sure to find one they’ll enjoy. From white larger to raspberry there’s both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions available at nearly each and every tavern and restaurant. 
  1. Festivals : No matter when you visit the city will be in celebration mode. From the twinkle of the Christmas markets to the joyous sounds of carnivals and film fests, they welcome families and are often extremely entertaining. Ten Reasons to Travel to Brussels
  1. Attractions : From the kid friendly Mini Europe to the most famous Atomium and Grand Place tourists will find plenty to visit. If you’re in the downtown area be sure to take in the spectacular light show that happens daily.
  1. Tours : Whether you like walking comic tours ( Brussels is home to the famous Tin Tin) Ten Reasons to Travel to Brusselsor a guided tour of the city’s architecture, there’s plenty to learn, see and explore in Brussels.

     8. Day Trips : Brussels is truly a hub for Europe          and you can easily purchase a Rail Europe package that suit your travel needs. During a short layover you can easily take a train to the historically picturesque town of Bruges or visit the fields of Flanders.

  1. Old World Charm : From antique markets to architectural feats those looking for old world charm will find it at every street corner.
  1. Nightlife : There’s bars and night clubs but what parents will enjoy is that fact that the taverns and cafes welcome kids late into the night. You can enjoy your beer while the little ones enjoy some good eats and live entertainment.

There’s many reasons to visit Brussels and even the locals have their own reasons on why it’s a great time to visit the Capital of Europe!

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