Teaching Kids How to Count in Hindi

Hindi Counting Chart

By Aarti Chandnani

Let’s learn the first 10 Hindi numbers in a fun way!Teaching Kids How to Count in Hindi

When I am teaching kids, I love to include songs, movements and games because it’s then that the kids are using all of their senses. The sensory stimulation makes them more involved and they retain what they are learning for much longer. So let’s look and say the numbers, sing and act our numbers, play a game, and learn our numbers!

Ready? Set? Go!

Look and Say the Numbers
Here is a beautiful number chart that you can download for free, print, and hang up in your child the kid’s room or classroom. Go over what you see in the chart. This not only introduces kids to numbers but also new vocabulary.

Hindi Counting Chart

Ek suraj
Do mauje
Teen seb
Chaar kitab
Paanch patte
Chee kalam (pencil)
Saat cup
Aath badak
Nau cookie
Dus bowling pins

Sing and Act out Numbers
There are many poems that I made up to learn the numbers. You can sing these to your kids. Pick any version that you like. You can find them HERE.

The audio of the poem I like the most can be found if you click this audio clip.

You can actually act out each step and kids have so much fun with it! You can do this in the park, at your home, in the backyard, alone or with friends. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do with my kids!

Number Game
Here is a simple game to play with your kids which re-enforces the learning. Do you know Simon says? So Simon says “show me your ungalis (fingers) – ungaliyan dikhao”, now Simon says “do ungliyan dikaho”. Continue by switching to other numbers. You can end by saying “sab ungliyan dikhayo (show me all your fingers)” “kitni hain? (how many – and count till end) .

Learn the Numbers
Want to learn to write numbers? Click on the images below to print free worksheets and keep practicing your numbers!

Counting in Hindi

Hindi Numbers MatchingTrace Numbers in Hindi

I hope you enjoy the ginti! Until next time!
P.S. Zero in Hindi is Shunya!

Hindi Gym will be a regular part of our culture section as we at masalamommas.com bring more resources on teaching your kids about Hindi and South Asian cultural occasions. Stay tuned right here for more from HindiGym!

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