On the Road for a Mom’s Getaway with the Chevrolet Tahoe

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My Chevrolet Tahoe – A Sweet Ride to Ste. Anne’s Spa: A review

Angie Seth, parenting contributor

Angie Seth, parenting contributor

Its big, it’s bold, it’s muscular … it’s the Chevrolet Tahoe! Yes, little me, all 5 foot 4 of me, took on the Tahoe beast! This was my ride on my way up to Ste. Anne’s Spa in October. I have to say at first sight, I was a little concerned about how I was going to drive this very large SUV.

Now I am used to driving big vehicles, after all we are a family of five, but this beast looked a little too big for me. A guy 6 feet tall would be looking rather comfortable in the driver’s seat rather than me, who looks like a pipsqueak peering over the steering wheel.

That brings me to my first point about the Tahoe, it understands height! The minute you unlock the truck, and open the door, out pops these running boards – a great feature to help you in and out of the vehicle! The seats can also be raised and lowered and same thing for the steering wheel … it is all automated! The interior is pretty spacious, with cool leather seats – buckets seats in the front and second row. The third row is bench seating, perfect for three people to sit comfortably. What I found interesting is the inside of the vehicle is set up like a mini-van.

The back seats are separate, giving you the extra space in-between. I have a family of 5, so room and storage space are extremely important. I have 2 younger kids still in car seats and an older daughter who plays hockey. So when we are looking at a vehicle, the cargo space needs to carry hockey equipment and a couple of strollers – the Chevrolet Tahoe meets my needs in terms of capacity.

Getting back the interior, the Chevrolet Tahoe has all the bells and whistles – everything from the seats which have individual heat and a/c controls to USB plug-ins, voice activated radio commands, to side mirrors with blind spot sensors that keep you safe and within the lines of the road. There is also a great memory feature that allows you to program in how you want your seat positioned, the side mirrors adjusted, and which radio stations you prefer. This way when you get into the car after someone else has used it, based on your key, the car will adjust things according to your programmed preference to help you get settled faster before putting the truck into gear. That is a feature I really love!

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After getting the kids settled into their seats, I am often in a hurry, so being able to have my seats, steering wheel, and mirrors already adjusted to my preferences, makes getting on the road much easier for me, considering the clock is always ticking! Another cool feature, especially for Moms, is cup holders! The Tahoe has cup holders in the middle console, but also a spot in the inside slot in every door. I love cup holders!! The back up camera is also a bonus.

This camera also gives you perimeters to go by when backing up to ensure you are within your parking spot lines and to make you aware of any obstacles in the way. Speaking of obstacles, remember that good ol’ blind spot? Well when changing lanes, or just driving in general, if you start to cross your lane without your signal on or you’re are trying to make a lane change but there is a car in your blind spot, the Tahoe tells you by vibrating the driver seat on the appropriate side to warn you! Cool huh?

Safety is key especially when I have all the precious cargo with me. Knowing I have a back up to something like my blind spot, is critical for me – there is always a lot of distractions for me when I am on the road: “from change the radio station, put on Frozen, I’m hungry, to are we there yet?” Last but not least – now this one is my absolute favorite – are you ready?

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In the front main console where all you controls are – radio, ac, heat, etc, there is a little button. Push it and right there in front of you opens up this secret compartment. It’s very James Bond 007 I have to say! What’s inside, well, there is some secret storage space, and right in the back of this black box is a hidden USB plug-in! So cool, and right up my alley!

As a journalist, keeping my iphone charged is important as I am always on the go, writing, tweeting, checking web. I need a convenient place to charge my phone, and the secret compartment is a perfect spot to put it!

I have easy access as a passenger, but it’s also a cool secret spot to hide all my gadgets! 4 stars for the Tahoe! Thanks Chevrolet!


Angie shares her interviews with moms on what they look for when shopping for a new family vehicle, what do you look for? Share your thoughts with us below!

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