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Fresh Organic Green Smoothie With Salad, Apple, Cucumber, Pineap
Sitara Hewitt; Sex

Sitara Hewitt, Columnist

Our skin. It’s a hard-working barrier organ that could use a little TLC as we leave the sunny days of summer behind and prepare for the blustery months of winter.

I like to look at anti-aging as more than just cosmetic. Since your skin is an organ it’s a reflection of your overall health, and it requires specific nourishment to keep it glowing from the inside out. I find most cosmetic creams can be expensive and often miss the mark, providing a band-aid solution that’s only skin-deep. It’s easy to make changes that nourish your beauty from a deeper place and keep you looking younger for years longer and provide skin color restoration.


So here we go: anti aging inside and out!




Oils are great because they saturate the skin with moisture and smooth away lines and wrinkles, while keeping it supple enough to prevent new ones. Since everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies it’s nice to use things that are almost…edible.   There are many oils that won’t cause breakouts, in fact some oils are anti-bacterial and can cure or prevent acne. If your skin is prone to breakouts, look for a natural oil combo that has a little tea tree or neem oil in it.

I love straight up extra virgin coconut oil and since I cook with it for weight-loss and immunity, it’s always handy to slather on when my skin is feeling dry.

Calendula oil is wonderful for providing radiance. My favorite right now is Moringa Seed oil, I use Moringa Skin Food by Top Nutritionals because it’s a feather light, citrus infused blend that rolls on. Moringa seed is very nourishing and heals irritation and inflammation in the skin.

I use it on my son’s eczema as well.   When I’m noticing more lines or irritation I wash my face at night and then give myself a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging mask by crushing a leaf of my aloe plant and smoothing on the juice. Then I follow up with my Moringa Skin Food and I’m glowing by morning.

Oils are great for cleansing the skin too. Just slather on and then wipe off gently to exfoliate and keep the skin full of moisture. I use Mereadesso’s gentle non-foaming cleanser every other night, and their lovely moisturizer in the day. It contains a healthy dose of aloe and exfoliating nutrients and has made my pores smaller too. bigstock-In-The-Spa-1914343



Magnesium is the mineral responsible for keeping the cells in our bodies soft as opposed to hard, or calcified, so I recently started smoothing on some topical Magnesium Chloride Liquid from a company I work with called Natural Calm. The liquid is handy because it helps with sore muscles and softens wrinkles.


Throughout the day I spritz on rosewater to soften and freshen my skin – and my mood! It’s an uplifting little ritual that will make you feel great anytime.

Flower Of Fresh Wet Rose


Now here comes the real revolutionary change. Nourish your skin from the inside and your health will glow along with your skin.


Schizandra berry internally as a teacher, a mega fatty acid’s internally as supplement

Royal jelly internally is an incredible anti-aging supplement. Plus it strengthens immunity and boosts energy. Gotta love those bees.

Omega Fatty acids: take a good fish oil or vegan omega supplement to keep skin moisturized from the inside. Doing this has taken years off my age.


Start the day with hot lemon water: Masalamommas editor, Kavita Suri, got me onto this tip and it helps detoxify your system, Your skin shows the positive effects quickly.

Foods for your skin: green veggies, green smoothies for the chlorophyll and avocados, raw nuts, salmon – anything with healthy fat in it.

Fresh Organic Green Smoothie With Salad, Apple, Cucumber, Pineap

It wouldn’t be a healthy blog without just a little bit of deprivation now would it? In order to keep your skin looking soft fresh and wrinkle free you kind of have to avoid dairy, white sugar and white flour.

I also recommend staying away from cigarettes, excess alcohol (a glass of red wine here and there can actually be helpful) and too much caffeine as all of these dehydrate and deplete the skin. Drink a lot of water! For so many health reasons as well as your skin’s look and feel.


I find it helpful to think of our skins health as a reflection of our inner health, so if we nourish ourselves on many levels then our skin is going to reflect that, and glow intrinsically.


Also make sure you laugh and smile and enjoy yourself, because happiness the truest expression of beauty.




Note: Suggestions in Sitara Hewitt’s columns are merely from Sitara’s own personal experience and are not intended to treat, prevent or diagnose any disease. Check with your health care practitioner before starting any new health regimens.


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