4 Eco-friendly Diwali DIY Projects

DIY Diwali

By Reena V and Jaee L at 3 Bees Paperie

Who doesn’t love the South Asian festive season? Whether it is decorating the home in candles, indulging in yummy feasts, or dressing up for festive parties, Diwali is a great time for fun, family, and friends!

And the team at 3 Bees Paperie loves to get crafty as well! While we love pampering our homes with newly bought décor, we think it is important to be green and repurpose what we have too!

We’ve rounded up our 4 favorite, DIY crafts for the festival of lights that are eco-friendly. And these projects are all easy enough for your little munchkins to help in the fun!

DIY Flower Lights via Oh Happy Day

Who doesn’t have cupcake liners and string lights lying around the house? This DIY project will bring blooming color to any Diwali party!

cupcake flower lights








Colored Rangoli Salt via Bliss Bloom Blog

Just rub some chalk in a bowl of Epsom salts…and voila! You have the perfect alternative to Rangoli powder!


coloured salt in mugs











Baby Jar Diyas by Inspired by Familia

Had a baby recently? Then you’ll love this project! Utilize those old baby food jars as candle holders. All you’ll need are the jars, food coloring and glue.

hanging baby jar lights










Bandhani Pumpkins by 3 Bees Paperie


Bandani pumpkinsBefore you mash that pumpkin for your next pie or halva, decorate the fruit with glitter paint in easy-to-replicate Bandhani designs.

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