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Empowering Daughters As the new school year is upon us, it’s a great time to think about how you’ll be empowering your daughter as she gears up for a new classroom, new grade and friendships.

Some of the biggest lessons start with being positive. Teaching your daughter to be a positive person can create huge benefits. She’ll be a more energized, adventurous, and overall happier person. If you need a little bit of help to encourage her to channel the power of positive thinking, here are some great tips via beinggirl.com.

Tell your daughter to first, be more true to herself. Share the importance of embracing who she is and making choices that support her values. Let her know why she should surround herself with things that make her feel good, and make friends with people who encourage her.

Also, it helps to look on the bright side of things and find ways to pick up her spirits.

Here are a few tips on how to go even further and become a real optimist:

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  • Go for it. Help her set goals and ask her to see what she can achieve! Don’t let fear of failure or not being perfect prevent her from trying something new. She should use the power of positive thinking to accomplish her goals and work towards finding her niche.
  • Take a step back and breathe. If your daughter is constantly feeling overwhelmed or feels like the world is closing in, ensure she knows it’s fine to take a mental break for a second and analyze the situation. While it might seem like a big deal to her at that very moment, she should ask herself if it really is that big of a deal. The mark of an optimist is knowing what is a true challenge.
  • Analyze your friends. Her friends should be the people she cares about and most importantly support her. If her friends are not supportive, or if she doesn’t feel good about herself when she’s with them, it might be time to explore new friendships. Teach her to surround herself with friends who are optimistic and who share the same positive interests as her. From art lessons or mountain biking to drama club or dance class, spending time with positive people can be a solution to the “blahs”.
  • Have something to look forward to. When she has something she can’t wait to do, her perception of a day’s events change, too. All the little things that may have bothered her before become little obstacles in her way to get her to something she loves. She can plan a weekend of fun with her friends. Go camping. See a concert. Start planning!
  • Challenge yourself. Tell her to set goals for herself and only herself. She should work hard to get where she wants to be — not where you think she should be or where someone else wants her to be.
  • Do good and you’ll feel good. The feeling of personal accomplishment that comes with volunteering your time and energy for a good cause has been documented in hundreds of studies. Lending a helping hand is another good way to feel the power of positivity.
  • Get physical. Regular physical activity can be a big-time spirit booster. A good workout not only helps helps build strength and endurance, it can also help release mood-enhancing hormones..

Optimism and positive thinking in general don’t come overnight for most people, but when she starts taking little steps, she’ll feel better and less stressed, too.

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If you look into the heart and soul of a truly strong girl, what would you see? Passion. Courage. Determination. Perseverance. Boundless energy. An incredible sense of adventure. No obstacle is too large, and no dream is too big. They love what they do, and they’ll do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

So where does their strong nature come from? How can your daughter catch the “strong girl fever” and challenge herself in ways you only dreamed about before?

Here are some tips to get her started on the path of becoming a strong girl with strong self-esteem.






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