Celebrating Raksha Bandhan With Kids


By Masalamommas Team

Whether you have a brother or a sister or not, or are the parents of any only child, there are lots of ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.  Find the ways that work for you and celebrate the special bond between siblings – related or not!

Here are some of our favourite ideas from our friends at Papaya+Post:


1) Make handmade rakhis using embroidery thread, beads and other materials from your local craft store or check out this festive and fun one created with just newspaper and ribbon!



2) Send a Raksha Bandhan card to relatives and close friends! papaya+post has some great ones to buy here!


3) Make traditional sweets or experiment with new recipes.  Some ideas are ladoos, kaju katris or halwa. Here’s a simple recipe for yummy coconut ladoos you can make in a snap! Download it here.




4) Read up on Raksha Bandhan stories, like Krishna and Draupati or Alexander the Great, his wife Roxana and King Porus. Here are 6 to get you started.



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