Papaya + Post: Helping Kids Get in Touch With Their Roots


Masalamommas is a Preferred Partner with Papaya + Post! 

Papaya +post Celebration Trunk

Papaya +post Celebration Trunk

We are thrilled to be an exclusive partner with an innovative company that is helping to make it easier for  masalamommas everywhere to share their cultural heritage with their kids. papaya+post offers  unique ‘Celebration Trunks’ and online resources to make sharing and celebrating your roots easier and more fun for the whole family.

Two and half years ago, when Mugdha and Avni Patel Thompson had their first children they were talking about how hard it was to find any resources, materials or toys that helped them share their rich backgrounds with their kids in an easy and aesthetically pleasing way.

They were worried about how they would be able to pass on the colourful and unique traditions they grew up with, given their hectic schedules. But they felt it was very important so they kept on looking for books and flashcards and toys.

Avni says the ones they found were often of poor quality and had an outdated approach. So they decided to change that by creating a company that offers resources and products that are traditional with a modern twist and can allow families to share their roots simply and beautifully.


Many South Asians in North America have strong ties to their ancestral heritage but are struggling with how to maintain it, especially the language and the values. These parents and grandparents are looking for ways to pass on their culture but need simple reference resources and toys and materials that are authentic but beautiful and of high quality.

“Our key product is our Celebration Trunk series, aimed at bringing the key parts of the Indian culture to life for kids 3-7 years old through stories, activities, language and toys. We will be launching our first Celebration Trunk on Thursday June 12 and its theme around The Great Roti Adventure,” says Avni.

Culture; box

Celebration Trunk

This trunk  features a child sized artisan made chakla/belan, all natural mango-dough, 20+ Hindi language flashcards and a story/activity book that goes on an adventure that teaches your kids all about the flatbreads of India.
Additionally, for all of your cultural questions like “How can I celebrate Holi with a toddler” or “How do I raise a bilingual child when my husband doesn’t also speak the language”, papaya + post provides modern suggestions and solutions resources through the Culture Corner.

There are only a limited number of the artisan chakla/belan sets within  The Great Roti Adventure trunk however, papaya + post  will be offering them a special code for masalamommas to shop and  get first access!

Moms can  shop here.

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