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Photo source: Pinterest

I recently came across this beautiful image on Pinterest. The Indian-inspired wallpaper, along with carefully composed frames, really created a stunning focal point.

If spending a lot on wallpaper isn’t quite in the budget, I’ve thought of three ways in which you can use fine Indian paper to spruce up your living room and stay within a much friendlier budget.

One place I love to shop for fine Indian paper is Paper-Source. Either through their retail stores across the country, or their website, you can browse fine papers from all over the world. They have an incredibly large selection of papers from India – mostly handmade and of much heavier weight than wrapping paper.


As a result, I find that these papers don’t actually work as well for wrapping gifts, as they’re too thick, but are perfect for some of the projects I’ve outlined below.

Photo Source: Marabou House

Photo Source: Harabu House









1) Wrapping Books –

Indian Decor; Paper

Photo Source: Harabu House


While on a trip to Japan a few years ago, I had purchased an origami book from a local Japanese bookstore. Upon paying, the cashier took my book and instead of stuffing it in a paper bag, he neatly folded wrapping paper over the front and back covers of the book I’d just purchased. Here are a couple of examples of how I’ve wrapped my own books with fine Indian paper.

Photo Source: Paper Source

Photo Source: Paper Source

You could either simply cover the front and back of the book with the paper, or you could purchase book binding kits from Paper-Source  and select your own paper and book binding cloth to coordinate. I chose a lovely paisley pattern with an orange book cloth for the spine.


2) Lining Trays or Small Tables

Photo Source: Harabu House

Photo Source: Harabu House


Another idea would be to line your serving trays with fine Indian paper. In this case, I just cut out a piece of fine paper, the size of the base of the tray, and glued it on to secure the paper.





Similarly, if you have a small glass-top table, you could sandwich a piece of patterned paper below the glass.










3) Framing Paper

Photo Source: Harabu House

Photo Source: Harabu House

In an attempt to re-create the stunning wallpaper on a smaller scale, framing paper can be a great way to display patterns and add color to a room.

Framing multiple pieces of paper that compliment each other in some way is a great idea. Here are some examples of framed fine papers. Pic7











Paper DIY

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 Have you ever done a DIY in your home? What items have you used to bring colour and patterns into your home?

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