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Makeup for Brown Skin

Beauty Editor

Beauty Editor

As you look at your most recent selfie and make notice of the difference in your skin tone from your face to your neck the voice in your head speaks “I had have enough with trying on the Wrong Foundations”. After numerous attempts and possibly years of skimming through magazines ads that promises the ‘true match’ for your brown skin yet find yourself ‘unmatched’.

 The following are components to ‘Self Help’ when it comes to the “Right Foundation Match”

Perfect Skin = Perfect Coverage

The care of your epidermis (skin) is a vital part of how foundation sits on the skin. If your skin appears dry after applying your foundation that is the immediate Red Flag that a facial regime is in order for this upcoming Spring Season to avoid the ‘unmatched’ factor. Regular facials at a spa or at home assist in maintaining a more even and hydrated skin. Also, investing in the best skin care for you skin type would be an added benefit.

Titanium Dioxide (TD)

You might be inclined to purchase a foundation that is an “All in One”, (Foundation and Sunscreen). That would not be a wise choice as attractive as it seems it makes the ‘unattractive’ in your foundations ‘ashy’ look. TD is a white pigment that is added to sunscreen to help protect the skin from the sun rays and also creates the thickness that sunscreen requires. With the white pigment added to the sunscreen/foundation it creates the grey feel to the finish of the foundation. In turn choose a foundation that does NOT have Titanium Dioxide

Moisturizer & Sunscreen

Foundation is not a Moisturizer by far, it is required that you apply the right moisturizer for your skin type to protect your skin. With advance technology there are moisturizers that have sunscreen in them, if in case the moisturizer that suits your skin type doesn’t have sunscreen make the extra effort to purchase a separate oil free sunscreen. What goes in what order? a) Sunscreen b) Moisturizer c) Foundation.

Top 3 Foundations for Yellow & Olive Under Tones


vasanti brown skinVasanti Cosmetics – Liquid Cover Up

Why you will Love it:

Incredible coverage

Featherlight finish

Radiant glow in a one-of-a-kind liquid foundation

Providing coverage only where you need it for the most natural looking finish. Evens out skintone while disguising undereye circles and camouflaging blemishes, concealer and foundation in one! Hydrates and brightens for flawless looking skin.  Works on all skin types and tones.

Available at: www.vasanticosmetics.com


Rimmel – Lasting Finish 25 hr Liquid foundation for brown skin

Why you will Love it?

Formula with revitalising Mineral Complex

Helps re-energise overworked skin

No sign of makeup fatigue for a full 25 hours

Color stays true and color can’t fail

With a moisturising Aqua Primer so skin feels hydrated and comfortable all day.

Available At: ca-en.rimmellondon.com



dream liquid f Maybelline – Liquid Mousse

Why you will Love it?

Air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin

Ideal for normal skin

Oil-free, fragrance-free, Dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin

Available at: www.maybelline.ca




The best place to find your foundation match is on your cheek!!!

Need a great lip look to match? lipstick; foundation

Here’s a Spring Tip:

We South Asians Love Love Love our “Puurfect Pout” especially in RED

The How:

*Choose a Red with more Blue Undertone

*Use the same Lip Liner color as the Lip Lipstick

*Use a Sponge with a tad concealer to clean up the outer rim of the lips and to help avoid the ‘bleed’ that Red Lip Stick can create

*Choose a matte Red Lip Color

 10012678_287771621385947_4799539257421805404_oFor a Complimentary Skin Care Consult I can be contacted: info@kavitasuri.com








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