Spring Travel & Beauty: Hair Removal 101

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Hair; waxingInsider tips for a Smooth Spring Getaway

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Now that the snow pants are tucked away, you’re ready to get  your Spring on, right? That includes that quick Spring getaway and prepping for warmer weather. As moms, the last thing we spend time on is beauty care for ourselves. So while your tickets may be booked for a Spring getaway, have you thought about how you’ll get your body ready for a week or two of fun in the sun? Luckily for you, we’ve enlisted the help of beauty expert, Rhonda Shupe, to share her top tips to get you ready for the beach, bikinis and bare legs.

For the best results and to get your body silky and smooth in time for spring break, follow these insider tips:

1) Choose a method that best suits your hair removal needs. If you’re headed on vacation a big concern is how to maintain soft and smooth skin when on the go. “When travelling, wax strips are best because they are small, quick and easy to use,” says Rhonda. She suggests using easy-to-pack wax strips, like Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Wax Strips, “they can be easily tucked away and are warmed through the friction of massaging the strip between hands.”* Hair; Removal

2) With so many options and formulations to choose from, Rhonda advises picking one with added benefits – especially for the face. “With a sensitive formula, Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Face Trio provides three easy steps to remove unwanted hair in minutes with a balm, cream and moisturizer to give you the perfect finish.” To top it of, the ingredients include mango butter, açai berry and mineral-rich clay for antioxidant protection.

3) Hold the skin taut to prevent muscle slackening and bruising. “In fact, the tighter you hold the skin, the less pain you’ll feel,” says Rhonda.

4) Relax – you’re about to head out on vacation. “If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, give yourself a bit of time to calm down,” says Rhonda. “Stress, in fact, magnifies discomfort as nerve endings become more acute.”




Tips on Removing Hair on Different Parts of the Body:

Waxing; Ingrown HairsBrazilian versus the face?

Rhonda says: When it comes to waxing, the hair is more coarse in the bikini area, therefore often more painful upon removal. It’s not really about the difference in skin but the texture of the hair. One will often get more bumps, redness and bleeding in the bikini area and not the face as there is more trauma to the skin in that area because of the type of hair.


Should the waxes used for these areas be different?

Rhonda says: Hard wax is usually a preference to be used in the bikini area. However, it is most often up to the practitioner on what their preference is. Strips are used with soft wax and used on any area of the body.


How often can you wax both of these areas?

Rhonda says: Hair regrowth is typically between 4-6 weeks. The more often you wax, the longer it will take for hair regrowth. How often someone waxes in these areas also depends on how conscientious they are to accepting regrowth. The cleaner you want the area, the more often you will want to wax. Genetics also plays a part on how fast hair will regrow.


What is the best way to deal with ingrown hairs?

Rhonda says: The key is to prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating and moisturizing the skin on a regular basis. It is imperative to not wear restrictive undergarments that prevent the hair from growing past the skin’s surface in the bikini area.


What is the best way to deal with multiple hairs in one follicle?

Rhonda says: Multiple hairs do not grow out of one follicle. When you see a hair that looks like there is more than one hair, it is actually only one hair that has split into two much like split ends of the hair on our head. This is usually caused by using a dull blade when shaving.


* Always read and follow the directions and warning copy on the package.

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