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By Shweta Jacob @shwetajacob & online at:

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MM @ Work Columnist

MM @ Work Columnist

A couple of years ago I went on a job interview with an internationally well-known and technically progressive organization. I had a one on one interview with a Manager and then was told that my next interview was going to be with the computer monitor. A Vice-President was out of town and would be interviewing me via videoconference.

Fast forward a few years and video interviews have become more and more common. With a greater global workforce and costs of travel a significant expenditure, it only makes sense that organizations would rely on technology to save time and money during the recruitment process.


Having conducted dozens of video interviews as the Interviewer I can tell you that there is an art to presenting yourself in the best light. Whether it’s Skype, Google+, GoToMeeting or some other method, there is a good chance that your next interview will be from the comfort of your home facing a computer monitor. So get your cup of chai ready for below are Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you set a great impression



Professional Look

Professional Look

Dress in professional business attire

Have your resume in front of you for quick reference

Have a notebook and pen nearby

Turn off your cell phone & mute your home phone



Leave windows open if you live in a loud or high-traffic area

Have food cooking nearby. No one wants to hear the whistle of your pressure cooker!

Wait until the last minute! Check out your sound and lighting ahead of time and practice!




Otherwise all other proper interview techniques should prevail.


Good luck! Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below.



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