Sabrina Badal: Writer With Strong West Coast Roots


Our Newest Staff Writer, Sabrina Badal Bharaj Hails from British Columbia!

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Sabrina Badal, Writer

Sabrina Badal Bharaj, Writer

We are excited to have a new writer, Sabrina Badal, a seasoned journalist who will be part of our writing team covering motherhood, books, tech and local Vancouver-area events!

Sabrina Badal Bharaj is a Full Time/Stay at Home Mom, or as she calls it President and COO of the Badal Bharaj Corporation. She is happily married with two beautiful children under four.

A former journalist for City TV, CBC and OMNI, she has worked as Reporter and Producer in both Vancouver and Toronto. She also has a background in Public Relations and Communications most recently working for Canada’s largest electronics retailer, Future Shop & Best Buy Canada Ltd.

Sabrina says, ‘British Columbia has a diverse range of South Asian Moms making their homes in all corners of the province.’ A large amount of second and third generation South Asian Moms, mostly with roots from Punjab, call Vancouver their home. There is a long, proud, history of South Asians in BC, built on the backbone of strong, independent woman, such as Sabrina’s mother, who managed a household, a husband, three children, a full time job and a full social calendar all with style, grace and dignity.

Being a second or third generation South Asian Mom brings a whole new set of challenges. Largely they struggle with trying to instill some form of their cultural heritage in their children. How much and which parts of the culture should their children be exposed to?

What facets of our culture do children want to learn about; religion, language, arts, traditions/customs, history…where does one begin? Trying to keep a balance between both worlds is something that Sabrina and most other young South Asian Moms have struggled with all their lives, and now it is one more thing she worries about when it comes to making sure she has happy, well rounded children. 

The mild weather and beautiful landscape of Vancouver gives Sabrina the opportunity to spend more time doing outdoor activities with her kids year round. Cultural festivals, outdoor events, and activities keep them busy year round.

Sabrina hopes to bring a fresh, new perspective to the challenges facing South Asian Moms. She hopes to provide our readers with some insightful information to help them accomplish some of their personal and parenting goals while navigating the evolving world that Masalamommas live in.


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