‘Ask Sitara’: Sitara Hewitt Talks Holistic Living With Readers

sitara hewitt
Sitara Hewitt

Sitara Hewitt, Columnist

We have been so excited this month as we have been preparing to share a very special new addition to our team! We are thrilled to share that actress and holistic living expert Sitara Hewitt will be joining our team as a columnist!

A fabulous masalamomma herself, Sitara will be answering readers’ questions about well-being and share tips to bring back energy into our days as moms while we juggle it all. She recently launched her own blog on well-being and vibrant living, called, LivingWellWithSitara.com where she shares her experiences and tips regularly.



Her column, “Ask Sitara” will be a space for you, our moms and moms-to-be, to ask her questions each month!

The columns won’t just be about health and wellness but also about finding balance and helping us to discover ‘our best selves’.   Ask her anything on a myriad of topics that are important to you from weightloss, finding your true path in life, to finding more energy or joy.

Sitara Hewitt is an actress, public speaker, life coach and holistic living expert. She  is best known for her starring role on the international hit show ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ airing on CBC, and in 90 countries worldwide. Sitara has guest-starred in and hosted television shows on networks like CTV, The Comedy Network and on CBC. She is the spokesperson for La Leche LeagueCanada, co-writer of “Making it in High Heels 2” and a certified Reiki practitioner and Energy Healer. She is available to speak at select events and for life coaching.


She is no stranger to our community of moms as she’s been a speaker at our events including our most recent Chevrolet Canada getaway to Ste. Anne’s Spa where she surprised our attendees as our secret celebrity guest!

You can follow Sitara on her personal blog, LivingWellwithSitara.com

On Twitter at:@SitaraHewitt and on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/SitaraHewitt

You can send Sitara your wellness questions anytime at: columnists@masalamommas.com.

Note: Suggestions in her columns are merely from Sitara’s own personal experience and are not intended to treat, prevent or diagnose any disease.  Check with your health care practitioner before starting any new health regimens.

Welcome Sitara!




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