A Grown-up’s Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day


By Tanvi Rastogi @tanvii & online at: Tanvi.com

Style Contributor

Style Contributor

Are you crazy about Valentine’s Day…or over it?

Personally I don’t like making a big deal about it but I am open to receiving presents on any day, whether I believe in it or not. I’m guessing, so are you?  So here’s a list of things, not necessarily with hearts and butterflies on them but nonetheless a great addition to your wardrobe and/or home. I would like to call it a grown-ups gift-guide!

1)   Clutch

Let’s start with hearts shall we? This is a great addition to your accessories. It can be styled both with desi and western wear.  It is one of those investment pieces that will stay with you for a long time.

2)   Earrings – Statement earrings are making a comeback and what better idea than to invest in a pair, which again are versatile, and would meet both your casual and formal attire needs. I love the two brightly coloured stones paired together, don’t you?

3)   Scarf – You can never have too many scarves, right? This soft, bright, cashmere one seems perfect to pair with any casual denim look. Valentine Gifts MasalaMommas

4)   English Chair – This piece of vintage furniture is what my dreams are made of. I can already picture myself with a good book and a coffee mug in my hand.

5)    Coffee Mug – Speaking of coffee mugs,  how pretty is this one with the peacock design? These are limited edition mugs designed by Vineeta Nair.

6)   Jewelry Box – Who doesn’t love a beautifully carved wooden box? Even better when it is produced ethically and supports local artisans.

7)   Tunic Style Dress – … but what if you were actually planning to head out on a Valentine’s Day date? Well, here’s a pink tunic dress, which would flatter most body types, and can be styled for both day and night.

8)   Body Lotion – We all have our indulgences and yours just might be perfumed products. Because mine is! This heavenly smelling body lotion will leave you wanting more. If you like spicy, warm notes you would definitely love this body lotion.

9)   Russian Dolls – Russian dolls draped in saris! Isn’t this the cutest decorative piece you’ve ever seen? It is a lovely desi touch to the classic Russian Dolls!

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse for your significant other to purchase one of these unique gifts for you.  All you have to do is start dropping some hints!

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