A Letter to My Daughter


By Anchel Krishna @anchelk

A Letter to My Daughter, Syona.

Photo: courtesy Anchel Krishna

Photo: courtesy Anchel Krishna

Syona, you’ve given us the most amazing gift this year – an incredible year with you, filled with some huge milestones.

You’re talking much more now, and using your words to tell us what you need and what you’re thinking. You’ve started singing along to your favourite songs now. You’ve also shown us what absolute, unconditional love really feels like.

You’ve always been strong-willed; from the moment you came out pint-sized (4lbs, 3 oz. to be exact) and screaming. You battled through a lot of scary medical issues in those early days, and you were sent home earlier than any of the nurses or doctors thought you would be home.

You continue to face the challenges that come from having cerebral palsy in such an amazing way. You defy the odds and expectations. You are a little girl with a lot of moxie – and I couldn’t be more proud.

You’re opinionated, and though it can frustrate me at times, I love it. I like that fact that you are a clear communicator and tell me (and anyone within earshot) when you don’t like something. You’re starting to show your curiosity more and more, and watching you explore your world is one of my favourite things to do.

You’ve helped me learn how to be tough when it is needed and to slow down and enjoy all the moments we have together. You’ve taught me how to be a mom.

And dear, sweet girl I know moments will come when your body makes you mad. Mad because your muscles just don’t seem to want to listen to what your brain is telling them to do. And thinking of that breaks my heart. But when those moments come I hope that you will tell me. I will hug you and listen or sit with you and eat ice cream. I will show you all the photos of when you were little and so very cute. We will do whatever it takes to make you feel better, together.

Parenting Writer

Parenting Writer

Once you’re ready to hear it, I will remind you that there are lots of kids out there who face challenges of different kinds. I will remind you of the incredible love and support of your family and how that helps us every day. I will remind you to live a life filled with gratitude. My hope is that you will see that this is the way we live our life and you will follow suit.

I often get asked what your name means. It means rays of the sun and represents happiness. It is the perfect name for you. I hope you dream big, Syona. Your dreams are the ones that matter most.



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