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Bringing Both Indian and Modern Day style to Masalamommas.

Describes herself as a modern-day-nomad. Tanvi grew up in India, then migrated to Dubai, UAE at the age of 16, went to Switzerland for further studies and then worked in London, U.K.. But since 2007 she calls Texas her home. She is a social media maverick by day, an entrepreneur by night and a closet philosopher.

She is a social media maverick 9-5, working at an Advertising firm, and an entrepreneur 24/7 running her online store Crazy & Co.


She started her blog in 2009 as an outlet to connect with the world and share her new-found wisdom on marriage. A year later she stumbled upon fashion blogs and things have never quite been the same. She describes herself and her blog as – Eccentric. Stylish. Creative. Tanvi will provide great perspective from both India and North America in her posts at masalamommas.

She says, “I am excited to join the Masalamommas team! Living in America I have learned to incorporate Indian attire with western to get the most mileage out of my wardrobe and I would love to share tips and ideas about the same. I will also report the upcoming trends and news in the South Asian Fashion and how to incorporate them in everyday wardrobe.”

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Tanvi  is also one of the founders of InFB. InFB is an initiative to bring all the Indian fashion bloggers together. InFB aims to bridge the gap between the growing fashion industry in India and the increasing common voice of the bloggers. From trend updates to blogging tips, outfit inspirations to DIY’s, InFB offer something for everyone and aspires to form a community where everyone can interact, share and inspire each other. 

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