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Supporting Small Business Owners: 10 Unique (Last minute) Holiday Gift Ideas

By Hafsa Taher Guest contributor  @HafsaCreates

Hafsa is a member of the LadypreneurNetwork in the GTA and supports these local artisans.

It’s not too late! Still a week to Christmas. And If you manage to get something handmade, something traditional this last-minute for your family and friends? couldn’t get any better than that!

I’ve searched high and low to bring you traditional, yet innovative products from our local small businesses. Not only will you find one of a kind product from these small businesses, but also, you’ll be supporting the economy by buying local. And of course, encouraging these super talented artisans and art to keep going.

In no particular order, here we go:


1. ALL NEW Men’s Artisan Soap Collection – THE ALCHEMIST – inspired by the ancient chemists of the Golden Ages of the Middle East.

Artisan Soaps available in four mystic fragrances: EARTH, AIR, WATER & FIRE.

Sobia, founder of Olive Tree Soap Company strives to provide you with the highest quality natural skincare and body care products. All products are 100% pure, free from harsh chemicals, and eco-friendly.


How to Order: Contact The Olive Tree Soap Company through their Facebook page


2. One Of A Kind traditional and colorful clutch (wallet)


Handmade (and homemade) wallet and up cycled and recycled Pakistani models gift bag along with ribbons, felted pom-pom, hot glue and sealer. This beautiful statement OOAK clutch wallet goes with any colour and will be an awesome accessory for a night out, party or any gathering.


How to Order: Find Artizan Affect, on Etsy and facebook


3.  Eiffel Tower (Gold) Dainty Necklace

This dainty, gold Eiffel tower is reminiscent of Paris, France, One of the most beautiful wonders of the world and such a breath-taking monument! This tiny little eiffel tower has a pretty crystal at the bottom and sits on a gold-plated chain.

How to Order: Find Pearl Amour on Etsy and facebook

4. Card Making Kit – DIY handmade greeting cards


(By yours truly) HafsaCreates’ Card Making Kit includes 7 blank cards, 7 envelopes, patterned papers, pretty ribbons, and 60+ punch outs and shapes.

Give the gift of experience to your crafty friends / kids. This kit includes enough supplies to make 7 cards (and more!) for any occasion.

Use coupon code welcome for an introductory 10% off on these card making kits.


You can also find handmade greeting cards for all occasions (with FREE shipping to US and Canada) at HafsaCreates.


How to Order: Find HafsaCreates on Etsy and Facebook


5. Reusable UnPaper Towels (Eco Friendly)


Unpaper towels are a great way to do something earth friendly and save money on paper towels at the same time. These are soft and absorbent making them perfect for everyday cleaning duties, and make a superb gift!


How to Order: Find OmeesBoutique on Etsy and facebook


6. Be Tranquil! Intense! Gift Set

If your gift recipient loves incense, then this is THE gift for them! Because the gift set includes Be-Licious! Inc’s best- selling aromatic.


The pack includes:

4 packs of our 11″ Intense! Sticks (16 sticks/pack)- 2 best sellers included.

1 burner (choice of 2 styles!)

2 soap samples with our business card

Free 1g sample of our handmade bakhoor!


How to order: You can find Be-Licious! Handcrafted Soap & Body Care on their website and  facebook



7. Hijabushka FairTrade, Hand Painted, Wooden Nesting Dolls.

Eastern Toybox is a company offers a wide range of eco-friendly, fair trade and handmade products made by socially and environmentally conscious artisans. They carry a wide range of unique toys, stationery and decor from Turkey, India, Indonesia and Germany as well as locally sourced products from Canada and the United States.


How to order: Find Eastern Toybox on their website and facebook

8. Handmade knits and crocheted items:


CuteKnits provides customized, handmade knits and crocheted items for your baby. CuteKnits believes in making things with one’s own hands is the most blessed way to work – and babies deserve all the love and comfort in the world!

You can choose the colors, style, and size of each knitted item for your baby. Each item is specifically made to order. With CuteKnits your baby’s items will be one of a kind!


How to order: Find CuteKits on  Facebook, Instagram  and online store



9. Zaza and Umbairo pink tea

Each Pink Kashmiri Chai Kit includes the freshest and gourmet quality ingredients to help get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful cup of PKC (Pink Kashmiri Chai)!


Finest quality ingredients included: Exquisite Gourmet Kashmiri Tea Leaves, Aromatic Cardamom pods, Crushed Nutty Almonds, Crushed Flavorful Pistachios and Baking Soda.


All you need to do is add water, milk and sugar and a pinch of salt and follow the instructions provided on the easy to follow recipe card!


How to order: Find Zaza and Umbairo on facebook


10. REAL Chocolate:

Yes, by real chocolate, I mean the one from UK!

Including: MILKYBAR Buttons, Fry’s Orange Cream, Cadbury UK Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa & Tea Biscuits!


How to order: Find Blossom and Bean on their website, their retail location in Toronto, and facebook





Get shopping now! That goes for you, if you managed to reach to the end of list, without wandering off on some of initial gems.


Leave a comment below and let us know the BEST gift you bought this holiday season.


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