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If you’re a mom who is pregnant during the busiest time for festivals in the South Asian calendar or know someone who is, you know that monetary gifts, baby gifts will soon be piling up on your table.   Be it Diwali or any other South Asian holiday, this season you may want to consider turning that tradition into the gift of life for your family by contributing instead to a CReATe Cord Blood Bank gift registry for your baby.

Cord Blood is the blood remaining in the placenta and umbilical cord typically discarded after a baby is delivered. This blood is a rich source of stem cells that are the building blocks of the blood and immune systems. With their regenerative capabilities, these stem cells could replace critical cells in tissues all over the body that have been destroyed or damaged by disease.




The umbilical cord tissue is also rich in a different type of stem cell called mesenchymal stem cells (Peristem™). Peristem™ stem cells are the building blocks of all the structural tissues (bone, cartilage, muscle, fibre and fat) of our bodies and can be used for tissue regeneration and repair.  Peristem™ stem cells are currently being investigated for use in the management of damaged heart tissue, birth defects, treatment of burns, and in the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as MS, Juvenile Diabetes and Crohn’s disease.

If your child, or possibly someone in your family develops a life-threatening illness or debilitating disease, a transplant from cord-blood-derived cells could save their life or greatly reduce the symptoms and effects of their illness.

Unlike the use of embryo-derived cells, cord blood collection and storage is not controversial or ethically charged in any way, because these cells are generally discarded, and do not compromise potential human life.

Cord blood-derived stem cells have been successfully used on thousands of patients to treat numerous conditions and diseases and there is exciting new research on many additional conditions that it could be used for in the near future.

small_pregnant_6864678Using CReATe’s gift registry you can  invite family and friends to help purchase this service. The Baby Shower package includes gift registry coupons, free cord blood information brochures with envelopes for the guests.

To receive CReATe Free baby shower package click here  for more information on how to send CReATe an email with your name, home address, telephone number, email address and your due date.

If you haven’t decided to bank your baby’s cord blood, these FAQs will help:

Misconception: “Odds that a family will ever need their banked cord blood are so low that people shouldn’t bother doing it.”


Considering that the cause of most cancers is unknown and that the science of stem cell therapy is expanding rapidly, it is impossible to accurately calculate the odds that a family will use the cord blood or benefit from new treatments.

According to research in the Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (1997, 19:3, 183-187), the odds that a child will need to use his or her own stem cells by age twenty-one for current treatments are about 1:2,700, and the odds that a family member would need to use those cells are about 1:1,400.

These estimates, however, do not include developing therapies and new data, such as treatment for autoimmune diseases and the recent validation that cord blood contains enough stem cells to treat adults, which was reported in The New England Journal of Medicine (June 14, 2001, 344:24, 1815-1822).

Misconception: “The baby or siblings will never need the stem cells if my family doesn’t have a history of cancer.”


People choose to bank their babies’ cord blood in order to provide themselves and their families with an additional safeguard – just in case. The causes for most cancers and diseases are unknown, and in some cases, certain types of cancers are growing at alarming rates.(1) Recent reports indicate that one in 630 children will get cancer by age fifteen.(2) Additionally, treatments for cancer only reflect current uses and do not consider the increasing applications and promising therapies that are in development.

More info for parents and cord blood banking can also be found at:  www.parentsguidecordblood.org

For more information about the CReATeCord Bank Gift registry visit: www.createcordbank.com/gift-registry-2/


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