Teach the Traditions of Diwali with an App

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Diwali with Tamarind Tots

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar @masalamommas

5. Diwali firecrackers copy We’re always on the lookout for apps that bring our culture into your home in a unqiue and fun way.  For those of you who live without family nearby, you know giving kids the 101 on Diwali isn’t easy. Now you can celebrate all the traditions of Diwali, including dressing up, decorating the house with colourful rangoli and light diyas with the touch of an app!

This app makes teaching the traditions of the festival of lights a whole lot of fun and even teaches you the Hindi words associated with the event. You can even  use this App to showcase Diwali in your child’s classroom.


This app by Tamarind Tots gives kids the chance to:


* Hear about Diwali in “Story Mode” or pick and choose an activity in “Game Mode”

* Play dress-up with Krish and Niki and learn about festive traditional Indian clothes

* Color your own rangoli- pick from 3 patterns, color it, and light diyas/candles all around it

* Enjoy Diwali puja- hear the puja song, see how it is done, and explore items in the puja room

* Choose from 10 types of firecrackers and see them go

* Learn 20+ hindi words and beautiful visuals/songs related to Diwali

* Focuses on the celebratory aspects of Diwali, no religious overtones.

Get the Diwali app on your ipad





Learn more in this video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4840590192819&set=vb.284837011549109&type=3&theater




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