Win Tickets to Attend the Official Masaba Gupta Launch at Satya Paul Canada!


Are You a Shopoholic? We’re giving away tickets to the official Launch Event for Satya Paul Canada’s Fall Line!


saytaDo you change clothes more than 3 times a day just to find the perfect outfit? Do you love shopping more than life itself? Do you live on bagged lunches for weeks just so you can buy that pair of Louboutins?


Tell us some of the crazy things you do to fit ‘fashion’ and shopping into your life and you could win a ticket for you and a guest to go the Masaba Gupta collection launch at Satya Paul Canada on Sept 18th at their flagship store in Brampton, Ontario!

The exclusive by-invite only event begins at 6:30.


Share your answer with us below in our comments section and the first five to enter below will win a pair of tickets! Be sure to leave us your email so we can contact you if you win! Good Luck!


**All entrants MUST live in the Greater Toronto Area and be able to attend the event in person.


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  1. Jessica S

    Something crazy that I do, that my entire family is aware of is the fact that I’ll never wear the same outfit again to an event if I know people from the previous event where I wore it will be there. Also, since June of last year I’ve been literally pinching pennies into my savings account not for university purposes but to save for a Tory Burch bag that I’ve eyed. For me anything skincare or makeup comes first. It’s basically a necessity.

  2. Vaishali Menghani

    They say playing dress up begins at age 5, and never truly stops.
    For as long as I can remember, I have had a daily morning routine of taking a shower and then sitting in front of my closet (in my bathrobe) to put together in my head the perfect outfit for the day! My family laughs but it’s like therapy for me, my daily mantra.
    My crazy habit began when I was less than 7 years old. To this date I continue to sit in front of my closet everyday admiring the pieces I have collected over the years and putting together in my mind the perfect outfit for the day that lies ahead.

  3. manpretty chahal

    Fashion is my passion! I absolutely love dressing up and matching, whether it be shoes, belt accessories or even nailpolish. Some of my clothes still have tags on them just because I have way too many clothes to pick from. If I wear an outfit once to an event I wont repeat it at another party or event where the same people will be attending. Also, I have a bunch of replica suits and sarees. Recently spent around $2500 on just two outfits which were replicas. Fashion is my other name, and in my blood.

  4. Natasha

    I love planning my outfit for a party or function days in advance..everything from the jewelry to shoes even down to the underwear! Gotta look goid from the inside out literally and metphorically. Thanks and fingers crossed for the tickets!! Woo hoo love Masaba

  5. Nancilyn Selva

    I live fashion. I wake up an hour or so earlier just to plan my outfit for the day, although I plan my outfit the night before as well. I usually change my outfit at least 3 times before I find “the one.” I am very intetested in Indian fashion and absolutely love Masaba Gupta and her designs.

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