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By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

For Vaidehie Mistry,  it’s the mantra, “You’ll never know if you don’t try,” that has carried her through her journey as a female entrepreneur. For this mom and spa owner, knowing the delicate balance between work, life and family has helped her personally and professionally.

Vee, is the proud mother of a son and two girls and the wife of an IT Geek/Style guru, as she calls her husband. It was 19 years ago her journey into beauty began; she worked in many different sizes of spas and salons and today she owns SITAMAA Spa, a spa in downtown Toronto.IMG_5393

Vaidehie continually gets invited to public lectures and seminars to speak about skin care and beauty treatments. Some of her topics include anti-aging facials, microdermabrasion, pigmentation treatments, body wraps to combat cellulite and for detoxification, waxing, threading and laser hair removal.


She remains a spirit that is able to work in all areas of aesthetics and has also over the years helped numerous spas’ local and internationally benefit through her vast knowledge.

“Every day I’m able to treat and make people feel absolutely amazing about themselves through spa treatments that allow people to be taken away from their everyday hussel and bustle of their lifestyle,” she says.

In this month’s ‘Masalamomma-preneur’ profile Vee talks to us about some of the key things she’s learned about owning her own business and what it can take to juggle it all.
What inspired you to start your business? WP_20130503_003

My inspiration to start my business came from a number of sources.
Firstly I come from a family of entrepreneurs and so it was only fitting the bug would bite.   Secondly, working in the world of aesthetics you are some what an artist in your own right and being suppressed by others visions was starting to get a little hard and so that was also the push.  Third and probably the closest to my heart was the ability to be able to give back.

Opening your own business allows for you to be able to give back to individuals and communities things way beyond your thought.  I always wanted to make sure I would be able to continue inspiring and helping those looking to make a mark on the world and SITAMAA has allowed and continues to allow me to do this.

What has been the most challenging part of starting your own business?

After being in business for close to 5 years I don’t think there is 1 particular challenge that stands out. The reason for this is because everyday something new will come up and this is the beauty of being a business owner/ entrepreneur, the continual learning curve.

What is the most satisfying part?

Satisfaction is hearing that as a woman, entrepreneur/ business owner, a mum, wife and all the other hats I wear I am an inspiration to other women. It gives them courage to know they can also do whatever their heart desires.

IMG_9823How do you juggle being a mom and being a mompreneur?

It’s all about balance and having a great husband! I couldn’t do what I have been able to do with out the support of my husband! At the same time being a mom is the most important so I put that before anything else. Then come the all nighters.

What do you think prevents South Asian moms from striking out on their own in business?

I think it has to be the scare of “What if’s?” My mantra is you’ll never know if you don’t try and life should always be about trying. We concentrate too much on the words “fail and success.” Sometimes trying something may lead to either but whatever the outcome the journey is the most important! It is about all the lessons you learn along the way and that can only equal in success! So don’t be scared.


Have you faced any criticism for working away from home?

Personally I actually was a stay at home mom for the first few years of all my kids lives (I have 3 munchkins 13, 11 and 8-years-old). I think that made it a little easier, but saying that there are always whispers and then selective hearing kicks in!


Do you find you compete in your industry with your male counterparts? 

No not really, competition is something I find you allow yourself to feel. If you are strong in your vision and your goals, competition can actually turn into envy for your counterpart! 🙂

SITAMAA-16What advice can you offer moms like you looking to start their own businesses?

Don’t be scared, just do it. Believe in your vision and what you are trying to achieve and remember you are also an inspiration and role model for your kids. The stronger you are the stronger and more determined your kids will be. And finally make sure you have a great business plan!

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