By Vidya Venkatesh, Guest Blogger @vidav

tips for traveling with kids, masalamommas,“Congratulations! You’re pregnant with twins!” When I heard that at a routine doctor appointment during my pregnancy, it sure sent me on a roller-coaster of emotions. The highs were higher than anything I’d ever felt, and so were the lows.

My sons are 2-years-old now, and yes, it takes all my energy and creativity to keep them engaged, but I cannot imagine life without them. There have been times over the past couple of years, when I’ve felt like raising twins is not that much more work, and in some ways, easier, than raising a singleton child.

But I’d be lying if I don’t admit that during those times when I’m in the thick of their terrible-twos-tantrums-times-two, I’ve surely felt overwhelmed and wished for second pair of hands. At those times when we are at the park and both kids scoot off in opposite directions, I’ve surely wished for a second pair of legs that could chase after them.

Despite all that, when I see one child share his favorite car or train with his brother, or when they share a joke in toddler-speak and go off into peals of laughter, it leaves me feeling so incredibly lucky that it makes all the work totally worth it.

Through these series of posts, I’ll be sharing my personal story of being pregnant with, and raising twins. I’ll also include comments from other masalamommas with twin-parenthood experience.

Join me as I ramble along, on my twin-venture! Stay tuned for a mini parenting series on parenting multiples!

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