Step Mothering, An Introduction

By Jasjit Sangha

Columnist, Step-mothering

Columnist, Step-mothering

“Step mothering” is a new column in our ‘Saheli Circle’ section written by Jasjit Kaur Sangha, a mother and stepmother in a bi-racial step family.

Through this column Jasjit hopes to share her insight on step mothering  and offer support to other South Asian stepmothers.  In her experience stepmothers can often feel isolated in the South Asian community due to stigma and misconceptions surrounding step mothering.

Jasjit has recently published a book chronicling her life as a stepmother, titled Stepmothering A Spiritual Journey

In this memoir, she poignantly shows how the pressure to be a “good mother” and “good step-mother” left her feeling inadequate, resentful and angry as she negotiated loyalty conflicts and cultural differences in her bi-racial step-family. Rather than succumbing to this pressure, she describes how she restored her sense of self through nurturing her spirituality.



More About Jasjit:

Jasjit Sangha is a writer and educator with a focus on issues related to blended families, South Asian families, parent engagement in education, equity and identity. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D from the University of Toronto and has substantial experience with research, teaching, curriculum development and public speaking. Her most recent publications include a work of creative non-fiction “Stepmothering A Spiritual Journey” as well as the co-edited collection  South Asian Mothering: Negotiating Culture, Family and Selfhood.




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