Shape Your Life: Fitness Tips with Binu Dhindsa


By Binu Dhindsa @zumbawithbinu & online at:



The Shape Your Life column is a place to be inspired! It’s not only about getting your body in shape, it’s about getting your life in shape. Binu’s passion for getting people moving will motivate you to take action in your own life. Physical fitness is important in our lives for many reasons, like weight loss and maintenance, stress release, heart health and much more. But our day-to-day life requires more than just the physical energy. We need the mental and emotional energy as well. Binu’s column will inspire you in many ways, touching on all aspects of life, Strength-Health-Action-Persistance-Energy.

Stay tuned here for all your latest fitness tips and ideas for masalamommas and masalamommas-to-be!



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More About Binu:

Binu is a mother of three and a  zumba instructor. Binu’s passion is to bring fitness to busy women.  She strives to inspire women to stay fit and healthy, to give them an hour to tune out of life and do something for themselves. Teaching Zumba® is definitely her strong suit.

Binu’s purpose is to get more people moving, young and not so young. Her goal for each and every class is to give participants a superb workout, make them smile and leave them energized for the rest of their day!

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