New Year, New You


By Deborah Lowther @kidsgummymum

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January has everyone making New Year’s resolutions to do things better when it comes to their diet and activity level. Sadly, most have all but forgotten their resolution come February. Make changes that will stick this time around by actually changing!


Did you know, it takes an average of 3 weeks for something new to become a habit?



Top Three New Year’s Resolutions and How To Keep Them


Be more Active

bigstock-Pregancy-Exercise-3666179Find something you enjoy doing and do it. Walk, run, cycle, swim, climb stairs, join a group or a gym. Then write down on the calendar when you will be active, plan it in your week and DO IT. Sign up for a class, enlist a friend, buy a new mat, free weights or a workout DVD. There is no easy way out of this one. You have to put in the time and make the commitment to yourself and your health. Give it time and stick with it, even the most avid athletes have to talk themselves into getting to the gym or out for a run! Aim for 3 times a week and alternate a cardio workout with a strength workout for best results. Decide WHAT it is you will do. Decide WHEN you will do it. Then DO IT.


Eat Healthier

Chicken bagelBuy only fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fish and lean protein. Menu plan to be sureyou serve omega 3 rich fish at least once a week, go meat free once a week, and serve whole grains, protein, and loads of vegetables at every meal. Skip the deep fried, the battered, the processed, the take out, and the packages. Make up 5 salads on Monday in resealable containers, add the cucumbers, peppers, tuna or egg in the morning and you have balanced lunches ready to go for the whole week. Start your day with protein and snack on almonds, kale chips, fruit, cottage cheese or beans to stay full throughout the day. And take your vitamins. Most people don’t get enough Omega 3s, Vitamin D, Fibre or B vitamins in our diets. These and a healthy dose of Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system.

Don’t Diet, Change Your Diet. Eating healthy is a way of life, not a way of losing weight.


Get More Sleep

soho-alarm-clock-187560882Go to bed. It’s that simple. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of Vitamin Zzzz every single night and you will instantly have more energy, improve your immune system, and give your body time to repair itself from all the amazing activity you did the day before! Things to avoid before bedtime include not having a large meal or caffeinated drinks that keep you awake And as much as I advocate staying active, going for a 5km bike ride just before bed might not be the best time to exercise! Wind down early to get enough sleep so you wake up energized! Set an alarm for bedtime and wake up time to ensure you get 7-8 hours.  No quick fixes or short term diet and exercise plans this year. Improve your lifestyle and improve your health! Happy New Year!




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