South Asian Literature for Kids: Author, Gita Wolf


By Anila Akram @mailatale & online at

“Hen-Sparrow Turns Purple”

By Gita Wolf

Ages 3-8

I’ve spent some time searching for a true South Asian classic – kidlit that I enjoy both for its plot, and its beautiful illustrations. I think this book hits the mark. Legends and myths are a staple in every culture’s history, and India is no different. The most beautiful thing about this story in particular is the award-winning illustrations and truly priceless visual experience.

Winner of the Grand Prix at the prestigious Biennale of Illustrations, this tale is designed as a scroll and silk-screened by hand, on custom-made paper.

Adapted from a traditional Indian folk-tale, Hen-sparrow falls into a vat of dye and turns purple. Her bizarre color amazes and shocks the entire kingdom, but Hen-Sparrow is a big fan of her new colour!

This is a classic for South Asian homes, and the illustrations and cover quality make it a timeless addition to any library.


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