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By Sundeep Sandhu @designwali & online at: designwali.com

Decor Writer, Masalamommas

Who doesn’t love summer long weekends? There is no doubt about it that long weekends are great for hanging out with family and friends. The extra day is also very handy when you want to tackle some projects around the house.  That’s right, pick up a paintbrush, hang up those pictures or just get some organization happening. Small things make a world of a difference.


Here is one project we tackled during one of our recent summer long weekends:


Paying attention to my front door was neither on my radar, nor in my decorating budget this year. Sometimes though an opportunity presents itself and well, you just go with the flow. A few neighbours down the street were changing up their front door glass inserts (with very ugly ornate peacock patterns or something – why do people do this?). My husband happened to be driving by and jumped out to ask the trade guys about prices and other ‘less ornate’ options. Several BBM photos exchanges later and we had purchased new glass inserts and had them installed within a few hours. Talk about quick design fix!

Now after the inserts were installed I just had to REPAINT the door. Inserts were great – but we needed to amplify the drama! Of course, I went straight to my online sources to find the perfect paint colour and then got my husband to work. My husband spent the weekend painting it all out and we got fresh black doors! I think they have jazzed up the front entrance not to mention, added way more light into the front hallway. Not bad for an impromptu and unplanned design decision.












The before picture. Nothing special here.Totally worn out looking and such an ugly sage green. It came with the house and we put up some ‘wallpaper for windows’ for privacy.





















Dramatic new doors! Not bad I say, not bad at all. It was either this or some ornate lion motif. (I just shivered because I think my neighbours got that one). My husband taped and primed the doors with Benjamin Moore super duper exterior primer stuff.



The after! Painted with Benjamin Moore Onyx (Aura Exterior Paint in Semi-gloss). I think the black looks fantastic. Now we’re not quite done, as we have to paint out that white weather stripping all around the door. But I like the black…makes my pink flowers look even better. I’m craving new door handles and a new exterior light fixture. Perhaps for another long weekend- the husband is going to love those plans!

For those of you craving some quick design fixes  – I say go for it and paint your front door. Something we tend to forget out when we go inside…but it changes the face of your home.  I love coming home to these doors…totally steps up my mood. Not to mention we have received some great compliments.  If you are less adventurous…don’t despair….just clean up your existing ones and get some fresh flowers. Either way, I say pay attention to the first impressions of your home, as they truly set the tone for the rest of your space!

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