What’s self-esteem got to do with sex?

By Lakshmi Rebecca,  guest video Blogger

What does Self-esteem have to do with Sex? How about: A LOT!

Here is Online Show Host Lakshmi Rebecca, bringing you an insightful discussion on self-esteem and sexual choices with therapists Ajanta De and Mahesh Natarajan. The experts say that low self-esteem has a deep influence on sexuality and sexual choices.  I encourage individuals and couples to watch:


If the above YouTube video won’t play in your browser, click here to open it directly in Youtube.

Check out the show’s website at www.chaiwithlakshmi.in, as well as Ajanta and Mahesh’s work at www.innersight.in.


**The opinions expressed in this article and video are those of the author only and not those of masalamommas.com.

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