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So, when was the last time you decorated your bedroom?

Alright, I know I can’t be the only mom out there that loves decorating her kids rooms and completely neglects her own bedroom. Personally, I can’t help but getting my kids new art, bright cushions or the latest toy organization system. Meanwhile, seven years later my bedroom looks like I just moved in.  My current design scheme reads boring and utilitarian.


Recently my sister heard some organizer preach that bedrooms have to be clutter free and well decorated because they are the starting point of your day.  Apparently your bedroom sets the tone for the day. Make sense to me. My bedroom has been on my to do list for ages. Sure I got a nice bed, slapped some paint onto the walls and indulged in a good quality mattress, but then I just ran out of steam and got distracted.  Somehow decorating my daughter’s room was way more fun.

So where do you start?  I find baby steps can make the feat less daunting. A few key changes here and there and you can instantly create a space with character and some personality. Here are a few little things I have done to get my bedroom moving away from blah and more towards beautiful.

Bedding – Buy some.
My mom and my sister are duvet cover masters and always seem to find perfect bedding for the fraction of the price.  So hit your local Homesense, The Bay, or West Elm  or any bedding retailer and look for something with a bit of texture or colour. If in doubt, stick with a neutral like white or grey and punch it up with accent cushions and a throw (a Indian shawl or saree works well here too).

Get a chair –it works as a storage system too.
I bought my corner chair (and bright yellow felt pillow) for a steal at Homesense. I loved its small scale and knew it was perfect for my bedroom corner housing the hamper. It immediately gave a dull bedroom corner a little bit of life and a focal point. Besides, it works as a great spot to dump your clothes when required.



Pretty Boxes -for HIS change.

My husband has a habit of dumping his change on the dresser. So why not give him a nicer place to drop the dough? Homesense saved me again here where I found these lovely wood Asian inspired boxes that make my dresser feel a little more special.

Image via Designwali

Art –I’m not talking about your wedding photos either.
I treated myself to this fantastic piece of original art commissioned just for me. Now you can find art original or otherwise, from all sorts of sources. The point is to find some and put it in your bedroom. It’s far too easy to put art up elsewhere in the home so everyone can see it – but there is something special about having a great piece of art just for you. I paired it with my chair and brought in a brass Ralph Lauren floor lamp and boom, my former laundry hamper corner has new life. Hands down this art makes my morning everyday.



Lamps – bring in the light.
I’m still working on this one for my room but new lamps makes a world of a difference, not too mention they also literally brighten up the space. Find something to scale with your bed, maybe ones with a pop of colour, or stick with neutral whites and glass bases. Whatever you choose, lamps allow you to make little vignettes on your nightstands and makes your room feel more layered.










So go out and try one or all of these design tips and in no time your bedroom will become a brighter and much happier space!

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  1. Kulbinder Saran Caldwell

    Great tips! I do agree that many of us are busy and prioritize many design projects before our bedrooms. Recently we got into Feng Shui and she recommended romanticizing our room to accomplish our goal. My husband really got into all the suggestions and it became a real oasis for both of us to appreciate! Now we look forward to being in our room and it does set the tone for the day. We’ve done all your suggestions except the art and the chair… that will definitely be next. Beautiful choices. Enjoy!

  2. Nisha

    Great tips! Why do we neglect the room that we use to relax ourselves? I know when I wake up to or go to bed in an unpleasant looking room my mood is immediately set off!

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