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By Natasha Fatah Guest Blogger @NatashaFatah

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I found this necklace earlier this month during a trip to Lisbon. I couldn’t decide if it was crazy cool, or just plain crazy. I love the colour, and the glassy shininess. It looks like chilly peppers married polished stones and produced these beautiful creations. I was, however, definitely intimidated by the size of the beads. They are pretty big, and I’m pretty small. I’m only 5’2 and I didn’t want it to overwhelm me. And I was worried that if I wore it that all people would see was this HUGE necklace coming towards them. But the fact that I was so drawn to it was enough for me and I got it.





Ok, here are some tips on how to style statement jewelry:

  • A statement piece does exactly that, it makes a statement. So let it have the lime-light, especially if you’re a petite, try to keep other accessories simple and understated, they’ll get to shine another day.
  • If part of the statement piece is its bright colour, like my piece for instance, then try to keep the remainder of the outfit neutral.
  • If you’re trying to wear a bold piece of jewelry to work then pair your jewelry with conservative work pieces. I work in a very creative environment and we can wear pretty much what we want. But for the sake of this challenge, I’m wearing something that I think would work in a more conservative work place, a chambray shirt, and black pencil skirt keep things simple and inoffensive to even the most conservative of bosses.
  • Jewelry, especially a necklace like mine, acts like make-up.  They have a cosmetic quality. So if you have a big piece around your face, keep the makeup toned down. Don’t let your bright eye shadow compete with your baubles.


Chambray Shirt: Gift from Chris; Freda's Skirt: thrifted; Tights: H&M; Hush Puppy Shoes: wardrobe sale at work; pearl earrings: Purple Jade; and of course my statement necklace: Blanco in Lisbon

  • Your statement jewelry should compliment your clothing. Don’t wear a big necklace with a halter dress, it will compete. Opt for statement earrings or bracelets instead.
  • A major advantage to statement pieces are that they (obviously) grab attention, and usually lead to a fun conversation. This piece leads to conversation about our trip to Lisbon. So an usual styling tip is be ready to explain your piece, what motivated you to get it, and what memories are attached to it.
  • Most important of all: wear your pieces with confidence. If you’re totally self-conscious about that giant ring or your sparkly earrings, then it’s not worth it. So enjoy your pieces, and wear them boldly.




And I know this post is all about statement jewelry, but I have to also give my statement shoes (is there such a thing?) a little love as well. But I guess that will another style challenge, right girls?
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