The Lowdown on Laser Hair Removal

By Kavita Suri, Beauty Editor @kavitasurispa

Many us women would do anything to find a way to get rid of that unwanted embarrassing hair for good. I am sure you wonder why we have hair growth in certain places on a regular; I sure do.

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) has become a growing trend and also the ‘go to’ hair removal treatment in the past 5yrs.  When  LHR started 15yrs ago it was promised to the consumer that hair is permanently removed where they had customers buying into very expensive packages.  The fact of the matter is that we are born with skin and hair follicles that we cannot get rid of BUT with the LRH technology the heat waves produced by the machine manipulates the hair follicles not to grow the coarseness and the pace it does.


The key is to go to the right Clinic to get your treatments as it is not your regular wax or thread job:


  • Be sure the Med Spa you are going to has a Certified Medical Esthetician
  • Would be a bonus to have a MD affiliated with the Med Spa
  • The machine they use works with all skin types and doesn’t burn
  • Consent forms are being filled out upon the first consult
  • Hygienic practice is in place – use of gloves, new razors etc


It is common for the first time LHR client to have hesitation about going in and having a painful experience because of the poorly produced machines that left clients in pain,with ice packs and occasionally burned.  Luckily in the past 5yrs technology has advanced and the industry  now has SOPRANOxl Painless Laser Hair removal treatments that works with all skin types.  The technology differs from others by a sophisticated software program that controls the heat levels accordance to the skin type of the customer, it works on skin types up to level 6.


Here’s a video on how the technology works:


What to expect before and after treatments:


  • Shave prior to your appointment. You can shave in between appointments, all use of waxing and threading must stop.
  • During appointment the Medical Esthetician will have you sign a consent form upon your first visit.  Application of Ultrasound Gel must be used before treatment and Aloe Gel after treatment.
  • Book in your next visit within 4 to 6 weeks


Treat your self to the right way of hair removal!!!


Cheers to a more hairless body,


Kavita Suri

 About Kavita: An ambitious Kavita Suri, began her career as a freelance makeup artist.
In 2000, Kavita’s passion and enterprising skills were recognized when she was awarded for “Business Woman of the Year”. An honour bestowed for excellence in service, and in appreciation of Kavita’s time spent volunteering her skills to underprivileged children.  Kavita Suri’s vision of high quality make up artistry and esthetics has blossomed to become “Kavita Suri Spa”. In operation for 2 successful years, Kavita Suri Spa’s luxurious environment is located in the heart of Yorkville. visit:






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  1. Sonia

    I think it is worth noting that laser hair removal is not for everyone and does not work for all areas. Thick, black hair works best. Also important to find a place that has a machine for darker skin. Not all of them do, unfortunately.

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