Redecorating: Use The ‘Old’, Make it Fresh


Do you ever look at your living room and think, “ugh”? Maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed at the thought of redecorating? Times are tough and for working or work-at-home moms redecorating is not necessarily our top priority. While our bedrooms and living rooms may need a facelift, thinking about how to get it done isn’t always easy. Time is precious. But what if you could have that furniture facelift by just using what you already have? Natasha Arora, interior stylist and founder of Eco Deco, can make that a reality leaving your home feeling re-energized and looking brand new – in just one day.

“I’m not into tearing down walls or necessarily going out to buy new things,” said Arora.  “I work with whatever the homeowner already has and redecorate normally in one day.”

Natasha’s been using her ECOnomical DECOrating concept in homes for more than six years. She uses her eye for the aesthetic and penchant for the practical to diplomatically incorporate a homeowner’s personal tastes and needs into her interior styling vision of “no throwing and no buying” that ultimately enlivens the home space. Natasha’s unique design approach to living optimally better within a client’s financial means is ultimately what informs Eco Deco’s mantra. She can quickly transform living spaces into livable, dynamic spaces all within budget.

“I am interested in helping people live better. Many people have beautiful things but they aren’t being accentuated in the best possible way. Naturally consumed by space and configurations, I conceived of the idea of redecorating in just one day. The work itself is every bit a process, both immensely creative but also physical, and I am able to get astonishing results usually within a few hours.”


After (work-in-progress)

If, at the end of a “decorating intervention” the rooms are unfinished because the living spaces lack furniture, accessories, art, and more, then Arora does encourage her clients to go shopping – with her.

“Intuitively I know how to make things look better,” said Arora.  It could involve decluttering, reorganizing but actually it’s about reshaping a room, a house or an office. The metamorphosis begins from the moment I pick up or move one thing. It could be a vase, plants, a mirror or cushions that I start with, or something altogether bigger like a sofa or a hutch.”

She adds the finished product is the result of a happy collaboration between client and interior stylist.

“In choosing to hire me, the primary role of the homeowner is to have an open mind. I do a walkabout in their home and look and listen for what they would like to embellish, what they’d like to move out, or maybe re-introduce to a main room like a family heirloom.”


After (work-in-progress)

Arora says open concept living/kitchen areas seem to be the biggest challenges for homeowners. In such cases, she considers creating break-out areas to encourage conversation. But enhancing function and beauty throughout are the mains goals.

“It takes a keen eye to be alert to scale and scope, proportion and light.  I’m enormously sensitive to space and notice instinctively a room’s potential. With my client, I’m faithful to my concept of using their existing furniture and finds in their home and many hours later, once the work is done, the tangible results can be transformational. The client will have a different home. Indeed a much better one.”

In addition to interior styling in only one day, Eco Deco offers other useful services:
•    Home Staging
•    Color Consultation
•    Decor Shopping
•    Organization
•    Retail Display

Based in Toronto, Eco Deco is mobile and Natasha is a mobile woman.
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