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By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

Rajasthani inspired dresses, Hindu-inspired tunics and loungey leggings are just some of the pieces of fun kid-friendly clothing that is signature Masala Baby.

Dipali Patwa, creator and president of Masala Baby says the name comes from blending of all the spice colours such as saffron, cloves, turmeric etc., together to create a distinct global yet Indian style. Masala is a mix of things; colours, cultural influences, style, motifs, yet uniquely true to its Indian root relevant in the modern world. She moved to New York from India 15 years ago.

“When my son was born 4 years ago, I was looking for clothing that inspired me and was also cool enough to wear with a pair of jeans, something that had a modern Indian flair,” said Patwa.  “I would go back home to India and buy some cool tunics and prints and every time he would wear it people would ask ‘where did you get that?’ So began the journey of Masala Baby.”

Patwa says her brand of clothing, which launched in 2009, is not necessarily ethnic, but rather India-inspired. The look is modern yet eclectic, stylish yet wearable, a little spice for your baby’s life. The current product line caters to ages 3 months to 10 years, and includes dresses, skirts, tunics, hoodies, pants, tees, bodysuits and shirts.

Patwa says Masala transliterated, is a combination of unique ingredients to create a surprising result.  She says a pinch of turmeric, a dash of cloves, a sprig of saffron, and a handful of rose petals provide the inspiration for their signature spice colors, all delicately layered in the threads of this new collection. Merging cultures, changing attitudes and diverse aesthetics creates the style which is unique yet global, strangely familiar and simple yet exotic.

“We use 100% soft natural cotton and knit fabrics in our signature colours and prints. We’ll never use baby blue. We’ll use turquoise instead. I got inspired for example by the colours and motifs they use during rangoli. Masala Baby cuts are comfortable  and stylish so kids can easily go from play to party. We never make anything too precious.  The whole idea behind Masala was to reach an international audience by using our signature aesthetic, one that was inspired by Indian culture and global style,” said Patwa.

The brand is known for its bold colors: saffron, clove brown, raani pink and turmeric yellow.  Their new line which has just been launched is called “Raani Masala” inspired by Bollywood, just right for that little Raani (princess)!

“It was inspired by wonderful little girls I came across in India, our visit to the movie sets of Bollywood, juxtaposed with mughal Persian motif influences of our vintage finds at the bazaar in New Delhi layered together for kid friendly wear,” said Patwa.

Last month Masala Baby launched a private brand initiative with FabIndia.  Masala Baby has also collaborated with aden + anais (Australian swaddle company) on the introduction of ‘Mela’ bamboo muslin wraps which have been voted as the top baby gifts at The brand is currently sold online and through 100 stores all across the US. All of their clothing is made in India.

Here’s a description of Masala Baby’s unique collection introducing this Fall:

Click Here for :Masala Baby Fall 11- behind the scene video

RAANI: an Indian term for a female monarch or princess
Lovingly we call our daughters: Raani
C E L E B R A T E    Y O U R    R O Y A L T Y!
Put on the gold bangles, twirl around the trees or break out in a Bollywood song and still rock the world for being your own majestic, charismatic self. We have all the perfect pieces that will enhance your little personality.
Little Bolly Dress is the perfect little black dress that is needed in every girl’s wardrobe paired with our Sequins Bolly Bolero top inspirit of Bollywood cinema sets where we visited our friends.

The  Suzani Dress is a printed on Knit fabric and  Paisley Park Dress and Fez Medallion Dress with chain stitch and mirror embroidery were all inspired from the vintage Persian textiles that we found at a flea market in new delhi.

Jaipur Dress in terracotta and pink border accent pays homage to the beautiful pink city in Rajasthan and its architecture.

Wood Block Dress in purples, oranges and green is a patchwork of memories of all the patterns that we saw on the street and in the crafts. Their Gypsy dresses are back in emerald green and Raani Pinks, all the colors of royalty. All these dresses paired with our Jodhpur Pleated leggings and you are set to rule your world!
Masala Baby also introducing 2-piece  babywear sets for little raani (princess) and raaja (prince) in their signature patterns and colors

For more information on Masala Baby and purchasing information:

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