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Let’s face it, moms have always been mobile. We go from place to place, with kids and groceries, to and from home to work, with little time to waste. So for most of us working mothers juggling family functions and the daily grind, mobile apps are a welcome addition to our lives.  You spend a lot of time waiting for the kids as well and with a mobile you can then access your email, surf the internet, etc. Balancing finances, keeping up with social networks, cooking a fast meal, and even fitting a workout into your day can now be done with the help of our trusty Smartphones. Melody Adhami, President and COO of Plastic Mobile, is just one of several women in Canada influencing the future of mobile apps and their usability. Her mobile agency partners with brands and integrated agencies and strategically conceptualizes and builds everything from SMS campaigns and deployment, mobile web and native applications and widgets.  Her agency recently won a Webby Award for its development of the Pizza Pizza mobile app. We spoke to her about what apps she thinks are grabbing the attention of working moms who juggle it all each day.

Why do moms and mobile apps fit together so well?

I think the apps that are heavily used are utility applications and I can see that working moms really require tools to make their lives and day much easier. Typically, the tools that people use in the workplace are already set up like Microsoft Word, Excel and email. But for women on the go, trying to balance a million things around kids, career, and life. So, that’s why mobile is a powerful tool! To accommodate their hectic schedules, whether it’s taking the kids to school, soccer practice, going to the grocery store, and making dinner. The ability for them to be mobile is really important for someone who‘s a working mom than someone who is just sitting in the workplace.

What is the most popular app for social networking?

Facebook is definitely a big one. It’s a place where busy moms can be consistently connected to their friends and family. As well as, being in the know of any upcoming social activities. The mobile app is a useful tool and a great hub of information for all moms alike.

Which ones are most popular for cooking or recipes?

Kraft and Epicurious have really great recipe applications for working moms. Jamie Oliver has a beautiful recipe application that includes tips and how to video.

What about apps for managing finances? really owns the space in this category. It’s for managing your finances as it links to all the major banks. The platform gives a perfect view of what’s happening with all your accounts – checking, savings, retirement plan, and even all your credit cards.  The app is a strong complement in order to track your finances on the go.

What others do you think are really useful?

Note-taking apps are very popular, like Evernote and Awesome NOTE. If you need to find a restaurant and get there fast, Urbanspoon has a useful mobile app. To be honest, I think moms are really big gamers, so Angry Birds is always good choice. I also believe the WebMD mobile app does come in handy, especially if an incident happens with your kids or you need some advice or to look up symptoms. This mobile app can help you find the answers quick.

Which device do you think works best for working moms?

iPhone users are spoiled with a plethora of applications that are fun, useful, and make life much more convenient.  However, BlackBerry users have very few options and it’s not the best application device.    The one great thing about the iPad is that it’s interactive. For example there are a lot of books that kids can read themselves and there are things on it that kids can do to help their learning and development. I think that’s a huge area for the iPad.

What apps are on your phone?

I’m a fan of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I do play with the Angry Birds app and regularly use the 680News app. I only order pizza from the Pizza Pizza app however Plastic Mobile built that one (so I’m a bit biased).  I use the Groupon and LivingSocial app because I tend to enjoy getting great deals. Hautelook is my vice, so I have that. I buy things while I’m lying in bed. Sometimes you’re busy and you just need these apps.

About Melody

Melody Adhami (@MelodyAdhami) is the co-founder & COO of Plastic Mobile, an award-winning mobile marketing agency. Melody co-founded Plastic Mobile in 2007 and crowned the ‘Queen of Apps’ by a leading national publication, The Globe and Mail.  She has led many successful mobile initiatives for companies like Rogers Communications, CBC, Axe, Unilever, Sportsnet, LSC, Today’s Parents, Canadian Business, and Pizza Pizza.



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